Instagram Webinar ImageI’ve had a few of you let me know that you missed the Instagram for Pet Business Owners webinar I did for dog trainers, pet groomers, dog day care owners, pet sitters and dog walkers last week.

If you are one of the folks that missed the live webinar or if you are interested in growing your pet sitting or dog walking business using Instagram, I’ve got good news!

The Instagram For Pet Business Owners webinar recording is now available for only $20. You’ll discover how to find and get clients using the Instagram platform (it’s easy!) and the recording also comes with a Instagram tips and tools booklet that was created especially for pet sitters and dog walkers.

Instagram is the hottest social media site today (yes, even more than Facebook) so if you want or need more clients for your pet sitting or dog walking business, you’ll want to be marketing on Instagram. It’s fun, easy and free!

Click for more information on the webinar recording How to Grow Your Pet Business Using Instagram.

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Pet business owners: I’m so excited!Prosperous_Book_Cover_line

My newest book Prosperous Pet Business: Interviews with the Experts – Volume One will be released in July 2016.

I spent over a month working with the cover designers to design the right cover for the book and I love what we created together. —>

And even more important, I love what’s inside my newest book and I think you will too.

Prosperous Pet Business: Interviews with the Experts – Volume One is based on the pet business conference interviews I did with pet business experts and mind/body/spirit teachers in order to help you create the most successful pet business possible.

The book has already received rave reviews from pet business owners who had the chance to preview it before it goes to print. The print version will be available on Amazon and the eBook version will be available on the Six-Figure Pet Business Academy website. Both will be available in July 2016.

For a limited time only (until June 15, 2016), you can pre-order the eBook and receive $5 off. When you pre-order, you’ll be among the first to receive the eBook when it is released in July 2016.

Here’s the link to pre-order the book “Prosperous Pet Business” and read the reviews.

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Cost: FREE

Got challenges you are struggling with in your pet sitting or dog walking business?

In this dynamic and interactive open forum, the first few pet sitters and dog walkers who ‘raise their hand’ on this webinar will have the opportunity to get coached directly by pet business coach Kristin Morrison.

Register Now

This free, live coaching session will air on an upcoming Prosperous Pet Business podcast episode on iTunes and on the website in order to help other pet sitters and dog walkers who are struggling with the same issues you are.

Any question, challenge or issue that relates to the business of pet sitting or dog walking is welcome!

If you are a pet business owner you are guaranteed to find this Q & A coaching session with Kristin Morrison compelling, supportive, and ultra-informative. Even if you simply listen to other pet sitters ask their questions and hear Coach Kristin’s responses you will experience this webinar as an incredible resource for creating a more successful pet sitting business.

Here are some questions that we may cover in this live coaching session (but it’s really up to you!):

  • How do I get and keep pet sitting clients? How can I grow my pet sitting business? I feel stuck. Help!
  • What marketing ideas really work?
  • How do I get my first client?
  • What are some techniques for expansion?
  • How do I grow my business if it’s been around for a while and stagnant?
  • How do I quit my job and pet sit full-time?
  • What should I charge for my services?
  • I have an issue with a client. How do I deal with it?
  • What is the best book for new business owners?
  • How do I hire great people?
  • How should I manage my business financials?
  • When can I raise my rates? And how do I do that so clients stay?
  • How many pages should my website be?
  • Does Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter really help business?
  • What do I do if a staff member makes a mistake at a job?
  • Insert your question here ____and sign up so you can ask it!

This will be a fun and supportive interactive webinar. You will learn how to run a successful pet sitting and dog walking business, regardless of whether you are called on to ask your own business question or you simply listen and learn from other pet sitters’ business challenges and Kristin’s response to them.

At the end of this webinar you will be armed with a wealth of information to take back to your own business and you’ll have had a great time listening to pet sitters from across the world share about the challenges that pet sitting business owners face each and every day and the solutions that Kristin gives to help solve them.

Coach Kristin is best known for her “Out-of-the-Box” coaching technique for pet business owners. The most common comment after a coaching session with her is often: “Wow! That’s a great idea! I hadn’t thought of doing that.”

Want to run your business in a powerful and profitable way? Then join us for the Ask the Pet Business Coach: Live Pet Sitting Coaching webinar.

Details and FAQ about the Webinar: Ask the Pet Business Coach: Live Pet Sitting Coaching With Kristin Morrison


Time: 3:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Eastern

How much: This webinar is completely free.

Will this webinar be recorded and available to the public? Yes. This coaching webinar will be made available on an upcoming podcast episode in order to help pet sitters who are in need. By asking your question on the webinar you are agreeing to being recorded for the podcast episode and doing a great service to help others.

How: Instructions for this free coaching call will be given upon sign-up. You can click the registration button to sign up now.

Will I have to appear on video for this webinar if I have a question? No. The webinar is audio only so only your voice will be heard.

How long do I have to sign up? This free webinar is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are only 100 spots available and it’s recommended that you join the webinar at least 10 minutes early in order to have the best chance of having your question answered during the webinar.

What’s the best way to join the webinar if I have a question? You must call in via your telephone if you want your question answered during this webinar. Calling in via computer will only allow you to listen in and not ask your question. Please only log in via computer if you don’t have a question you want answered on this webinar and you simply want to listen.

How do you choose people to ask their questions? The first few pet sitters who arrive on the webinar will have the first available opportunity to have their questions answered. Kristin will coach as many pet sitters as possible. You can ask any pet sitting or dog walking business-related question and/or be coached on any business challenge or situation you are experiencing. It’s a great opportunity to get coached for free by pet business coach Kristin Morrison!

What’s the best way to ask my question when I’m called on? Kristin asks that you distill your question to be very brief and concise so you will have the maximum amount of time to hear her response. Kristin will coach as many pet sitters as time allows.

Will I still get something out of this coaching webinar even if I am not a pet sitter who gets my question answered? YES! There will be many questions, challenges and issues on the call that you will be able to relate to and learn from regardless of whether your particular question is answered or not.

I’ve signed up for this before and I want to sign up again. Will I get something from this webinar since I’ve already attended one before? Absolutely. Each Coaching with Pet Business Coach Kristin Morrison webinar session is so different because different people are on each call and bring different questions. You can be assured that you will find each Q & A session a dynamic, fun, and informative experience so join us month after month!

Okay, this sounds great! How do I sign up? It’s easy! Just click the registration button below to sign up.

Register Now

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Hi pet business owners!

I’m so excited! My podcast for dog trainers, pet sitters, dog walkers, pet groomers and doggy day care owners is now available on iTunes!

You can find it on iTunes by searching for “Prosperous Pet Business”. When you click the ‘Subscribe’ button on iTunes, you’ll have the new episodes delivered to your smart phone as soon as they become available.

Or you can click to go straight to iTunes now to subscribe and listen to the Prosperous Pet Business podcast.

Are you someone who doesn’t use iTunes? No problem! You can get access to the episodes by going to the website of Prosperous Pet Business.
~ FAQ About The Podcast~

Q. How do I find and subscribe to the Prosperous Pet Business podcast on iTunes?
It’s easy! Go to iTunes and search for “Prosperous Pet Business”. If you don’t have an account on iTunes, you will need to sign up for one (it takes less than 2 minutes). When you find my podcast, be sure to click the ‘subscribe’ button to receive the weekly episodes or you can click here to go to the Prosperous Pet Business Podcast.

Q. What are some of the ‘goodies’ that pet business owners will get as a result of listening to the Prosperous Pet Business podcast? And where can I get those goodies?
During each episode you’ll hear me mention a website address that contains ‘show notes’ where you will find links to goodies that I mention during each segment. (This will make more sense once you listen to one of the podcast episodes–I recommend starting with Episode #1.)

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with me and other pet business owners at the bottom of each podcast show note page through comments via Facebook and other commenting methods at the bottom of the episode pages. You’ll find the podcast episode show note pages to be interactive and fun!

Q. How is the podcast different from your monthly webinars? 
The first difference is that the podcast is audio only whereas my monthly webinars are both audio and video.

Also, on my monthly webinars I dive deep into business-specific topics like hiring pet sitters, pet business start up, and SEO for pet business websites.

On the weekly podcast I will touch upon different business topics while also weaving in my life coach training to help you create a holistic, empowered approach to business. In the weekly podcast I incorporate mind, body, spirit combined with business logistics to help you thrive in your business and your life.

Q. I’ve never listened to a podcast. How and where can I listen to your podcast? 
Rest assured, it really is easy. Simply click this link to find the Prosperous Pet Business Business Podcast on iTunes and you’ll have the opportunity to subscribe. Hit the “subscribe” button and you’ll get weekly episodes delivered to your inbox.

Once you’ve subscribed to the podcast you can listen to the episodes on your computer or (if you prefer) on your smart phone while you are driving to a dog walking or dog training job or in your pet sitting office. My podcast is portable. You can take me wherever you go. 🙂

(Personally I enjoy listening to podcasts when I’m hiking, doing the dishes or at the gym. In the first podcast episode you’ll hear me describe what got me hooked on podcasts and where I like to listen to them.)

Q. I’ve heard that you’ll be coaching pet business owners on some of the upcoming podcast episodes. I really need some help in my pet business! How can I be one of those pet business owners to get some complimentary coaching from you on the podcast? 
Yes! I’m very excited to be offering some podcast listeners the opportunity to be coached by me on an upcoming podcast coaching episode. If you have a pressing issue that you are grappling with in your pet business, please write a few sentences about your business challenge at the bottom of one of the show notes pages that I mention on the podcast episodes.

Those who write a short description of their business challenges and include their contact information on one of the show notes pages will be considered for the upcoming coaching podcast segment that I will be recording in a few weeks.

(Due to the volume of emails I receive from pet sitters, I ask that you please don’t contact me directly about being on one of the coaching podcast segments. Only those who write their challenges on the comments section at the bottom of the podcast show note pages mentioned in the podcast will be considered for upcoming coaching episodes. Thanks so much for understanding!)

Ready to create your best year yet? I recommend starting with Episode #1:


I am really looking forward to reading your comments, topic suggestions and business challenges at the bottom of the show notes podcast page (again you’ll hear the special website address for the show notes and goodies when you listen to the podcast episodes).

Happy listening,

Kristin Morrison signature

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surprised ladyI’m so excited, pet business owners!

I’ve got SOMETHING BRAND NEW coming for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog trainers, pet groomers and doggy day care owners.

I’ll be announcing what it is on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook on March 2, 2016!

If you are signed up for my weekly newsletter you’ll find out about it that way also or feel free to check back on this page next week and you’ll find out what it is.

I think you are going to like it. Stay tuned…you’ll find out what it is next week. 🙂

Doing my happy dance,

Kristin Morrison signature

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complicatedI had an epiphany a few years back when I realized how similar hiring pet sitters is to dating.

Here’s how hiring is similar to dating:

  • You have to be crystal clear about what you want so that you can recognize that person when they show up.
  • It’s important to notice red (and yellow!) flags. Clear communication is crucial.
  • You both have to want the same thing (each other).
And here’s the tricky part: anyone can hire someone. But you don’t just want someone with a pulse. Right? These are your precious human and animal clients and your equally precious business. You want someone who is the right fit for your company.
It really is so similar to when you are actively dating to meet the right person: when you are hiring pet sitters to work for you, you quickly realize that hiring the right people requires skill. The good news? This hiring skill can be taught.
I’ve honed my hiring mojo through hiring over 250 pet sitters when I had my business. When I sold it I had 35 staff members. I’ve seen what works (and what really doesn’t) when it comes to hiring pet sitters and dog walkers. I learned the hard way and I’m excited to help you not learn the hard way!

I’ve successfully taught thousands of pet sitters from all parts of the globe how to hire really great people to work for them.

Are you ready to hire good people?

I’ll teach you how to hire wonderful pet sitters in the upcoming hiring webinar.
Want to have more time, make more money and enjoy your business more?

Hiring great people to work in your pet sitting business will help you do just that.

This upcoming webinar will help you hire easily, effortlessly and quickly. Ahhh….

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Welcome to the new year! Are you ready to create your best year yet?  sparkler

Every year I create a Best Year Yet plan for my own business and life. Inevitably every January I often get a lot of dog trainers, pet sitters, pet groomers and dog walkers who want to create a business plan for their pet businesses.

January is a great time to create a business (and life) plan but really a business plan can be started anytime for the next 12 months. The important thing is to Just Do It. A business plan is crucial; it sets the GPS for your business.

If you aren’t clear where you want to go, how can you get …anywhere in your business?

(You can’t.)

Not having a yearly business and life plan is why a lot of pet business owners are floating around in their businesses…not accomplishing much and yet feeling stressed, busy and overworked. With clarity and a plan stuff gets done. And relaxation can occur when stuff gets done.

You can work with me to create your a business plan for your pet business (I’m happy to help you, the Best Year Yet process works and it’s life and business changing). Prepare to be amazed at what you can create in 12 months.

And you can start this very moment with my free business plan for pet business owners.

I created it just for you. Happy New Year!Kristin10

Have fun designing your best year ever,

Kristin Morrison signature




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