Business Hiring Kit: For Hiring an Office Assistant or Manager™

Business Hiring Kit: For Hiring an Office Assistant or Manager™(save $20!) $65

Okay, so now you aren’t doing any of the actual pet sitting but you are still tied to the phone and your business 24/7.  How do you get a break and become just yourself again without being a business owner all the time?  This Hiring Kit is the key.

With the help of this Business Hiring Kit: for Hiring an Office Assistant or Manger you will hire the PERFECT person to run your business in your absence while you vacation in the Bahamas or just go see a matinee on a Thursday.

If you are drooling at the thought of having a vacation for the first time in a year or two this Hiring Kit is for you!  Hiring an Office Manger or Office Assistant is serious business…it’s not to be taken lightly.  Kristin has fine-tuned this packet to help you find and hire the most wonderful person possible to run your business while you go out and play.

Purchasing this Hiring Kit saves you $20 and includes:

  • Help Wanted Ad to find the right office manager
  • Application Packet for the Office Manager/Office Assistant

Order the $65 Office Assistant/Manager Hiring Kit today and make a plane reservation to leave the country (and your business!) next week! 

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