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“As someone who started training dogs professionally in the late 70’s, I remember a time when books on dog training were rare and those published were mostly about breeds and/or dog shows. One area that has always been under represented is the subject of business. This lack of information creates a real challenge for the typical dog trainer. Not only does “Six-Figure Pet Business” explain important business principles in an understandable fashion, it is replete with up-to-date tips designed to help dog trainers in the real world”
Steven Appelbaum / President, Animal Behavior College (ABC)



“Highly recommended: Kristin Morrison’s “Six-Figure Pet Business: Unleash the Potential in Your Dog Training, Pet Grooming, and Doggy Daycare Business”, a broad-based career guide for pet enthusiasts who want to earn a respectable living doing what they love.”
-Midwest Book


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Dear Pet Care Provider,

Have you ever lost sleep wondering how to make your dog training, pet grooming, or doggy day care business highly profitable… and even enjoyable?

You’re not alone. Although there’s an enormous demand for these services (and working with pets every day can be a lot of fun), many pet service business owners find themselves wishing for more clients and stressing out because they’re not earning more money from their pet business.

With all of the tasks that motivated pet business owners like you are responsible for every day… it’s little wonder you feel stressed out! After all, you don’t just get to spend your day caring for other people’s pets. You also have to take care of things like:

  • Legal documents and issues like business permits, licenses, and contracts
  • Getting (and keeping) affordable insurance coverage to protect your personal and business assets
  • Marketing your services to keep new clients coming to you… instead of to your competitors
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships with your existing clients to keep them loyal to your business
  • Providing an exceptional level of care to each and every pet you work with
  • And many more!

And, on top of all that… you can’t forget the fact that you have a personal life too! When you finally put work aside for the day, you still have to take care of your personal life….clean the house, help the kids with their homework, run a nearly endless list of errands, and (if you’re really lucky) squeeze in a few minutes of “me time” here and there. With all of those demands on your time and energy… how could you not feel exhausted at the end of the day?


I’ve Walked In Your Shoes… And I Understand How Running A Pet Business Can Leave You Feeling Drained


Years before I became a pet business coach and founded Six Figure Pet Business Academy™, I experienced many of the same frustrations and feelings of overwhelm that are weighing you down right now.

You see, I launched my own pet business in 1995 with the intention of running the business part-time while I explored other career possibilities. The business grew slowly at first… but over time, I discovered simple techniques for attracting and keeping clients easily. Before I knew it, I had more clients than I could handle on a part-time basis! (In Six Figure Pet Business, I’ll show you how to get clients quickly.)

I had to quit my day job to devote my attention to my clients and their pets… but even then, I still couldn’t keep up with my business… and I was losing steam fast.

And to make things worse… even though I was working up to 12 hours a day, I barely earned enough to pay myself after I took care of all of the business expenses. (Of course, even when I did manage to bring in a bit of extra cash, I was too tired to spend it anyway.)

It wasn’t long before the stress and long hours began to take their toll. I began to neglect my health, my relationships, and every other aspect of my life outside of work – the business was that all-consuming! Some days, I even thought of shutting down my business and going back to a regular job.

But I wasn’t ready to admit defeat just yet. I made a decision that changed the course of my business for good…


I Gave Myself 365 Days…To Turn My Business Around (And Get My Life Back)!


I made the commitment to run my pet business for one more year. During that time, I had to make the changes needed to earn what I was worth… and to dramatically decrease my stress level. And if I couldn’t make those changes in one year… I was going to walk away from my pet business forever!

Looking back, I’m thrilled that I made that decision. I spent a TON of time researching how to turn my business around – that research helped me understand what I was doing wrong in my pet business, and what to do differently. And, knowing that I had nothing to lose, I was finally free to think creatively about how to run the business efficiently and profitably. During that year, I put practices in place that helped increase my business’s value and profitability… and above all, made it more enjoyable to run!

If you’re tired of struggling with your own dog training, pet grooming, or doggy day care business… or if you haven’t started your pet business yet because you’re not sure you can handle it… I’d like to share what I learned with you today.


Welcome To Your Step-By-Step Pet Business Manual…

“Six-Figure Pet Business: Unleash The Potential In Your Dog Training, Pet Grooming, And Doggy Daycare Business”

Your Guide To A Dog Training, Pet Grooming, Or Doggy Day Care Business That Lets You Enjoy The Income And Freedom YOU Deserve!

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This is the guide I wish I had when I started my pet business in 1995! I’ll share with you everything you need to transform your dog training, pet grooming, or doggy day care venture into an enjoyable, empowering six-figure pet business that gives you the income and freedom to live your ideal lifestyle.

If you’re just starting out (or even if you’re still in the planning stages), I’ve included plenty of strategies and advice to help you start your pet business the right way… and avoid the mistakes and frustrations I experienced!

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kristin1I look forward to helping you create the successful, enjoyable pet business I know you deserve!



P.S.: Even if you only use a few of the tips and strategies in this guide, you can easily make back your small investment of $24.95 many times over. It’s your pet sitting and dog walking business – why not make it as profitable and fulfilling as possible? Grab your copy of the “Six-Figure Pet Business” today!





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