Another Book Review for: Six-Figure Pet Business

Just received a book review for my book Six-Figure Pet Business from Martin Deeley, Executive Director of International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP):

“As an ex-management lecturer and business consultant I can tell you Six-Figure Pet Business is a first class piece of advice/book for all wishing to start in the Pet Business.

Starting you own business can be so daunting and a potential minefield in our minds. So much so that we never really get started on what we would love to do – run our own business.  Pet businesses are often small one owner businesses at first and gradually grow but rarely get large.  Therefore we can be on our own with little help or support – having to be jack-of-all-trades. What I enjoyed about Six-Figure Pet Business was it was simple to understand and broke down all the different barriers to starting and running your own pet business in a way that has you saying – “I can do that!”

It was written in a way that not only explained clearly what to do but also was also enjoyable to read and learn from. The important points at the end of each Chapter assists in reinforcing what is read and really pinches home what needs to be done. Even though I have been in the pet business for many years there was so much in this book that got me thinking – ‘yup, I must start doing that’ or ‘I must start doing that again’.

For those wanting to start their own <dog training, dog grooming, doggy day care> business this is essential reading. For those already in business it is a reminder of what we should still be doing or should do, to build success.

I will definitely be recommending Six-Figure Pet Business to all wishing to start their own pet business and those already in it.”  

-Martin Deeley, Executive Director

International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

Thanks, Martin and the International Association for Canine Professionals for the great review! 🙂