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“Run-don’t walk-to the nearest computer to order this book…and to have a business and a life-both!-that match your dreams.”
Debra Farrington / Book Reviewer for National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS)



” ‘Six-Figure Pet Sitting’ is truly a fantastic book! It is well-written and is the solution to your pet sitting woes. ‘Six-Figure Pet Sitting’ will guide you toward improving your business to a level you didn’t know was possible.”
-Alan Walk / Owner, Dawgs ‘n Me / 
Seattle, Washington



” ‘Six-Figure Pet Sitting’ will enable you to put the structure in place to have both a successful business and a personal life.”
-Rita Reimers / Cats 90210 Cat Sitting Service / Los Angeles, California



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Dear Current or Future Pet Sitter,

If you’re a pet lover and have a deep desire to be in business for yourself, you’ve probably been thinking about combining these two passions to start your own dog walking or pet sitting business. (There’s an incredible demand for this valuable service… plus, it’s more fun than just about any other business you could own!)

Or maybe you’ve already taken the plunge as a part-time or full-time pet sitter or dog walker and you’re looking for ways to expand your client base (and your profits).

Whichever the case… I know that owning a profitable, enjoyable pet business can seem like an incredible challenge! There are just so many tasks to juggle… tasks like:

  • Obtaining business licenses, local permits, contracts, and other legal and regulatory documents
  • Finding business insurance that properly protects you and your business (and that you can afford)
  • Getting the word out about your services to attract a steady flow of new clients
  • Providing an excellent service to existing clients to keep them coming back
  • Keeping track of invoices, payments, taxes, and other financial issues
  • Making sure the pets you work with get the care they deserve
  • And many more!

And as if those tasks weren’t enough… you still have a life to live! There’s keeping the house clean, running errands, taking care of the children, and (hopefully) finding a little quiet time for yourself now and again. If you’re like many pet business owners, you just feel like there’s no energy left at the end of the day!


I’ve Been Where You Are… and I Know How Overwhelming Running a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Can Be!


As a pet business coach and the founder of the Six Figure Pet Business Academy™, every day I work with pet business owners who are overworked and underpaid, and who feel like their businesses are running them… instead of the other way around.

Many years ago I was dealing with the same frustrations and uncertainty that I expect you’re dealing with right now.

I started my pet sitting and dog walking business as a side business in 1995 and was planning on it being a part-time venture while I explored other career options. Initially the business was slow to grow but gradually I learned how to get clients quickly and with ease. And boy did they come! (I’ll share about how to get clients quickly in my manual.)

After my business quickly grew… and although I quit my day job to devote my full attention to my pet sitting and dog walking clients… I was becoming overwhelmed fast.

Even though I was working up to 12 hours a day I was somehow barely making enough to pay myself after all of the business expenses were taken care of. And even when I did manage to pull in a bit of extra income that I could spend on myself instead of the business, I didn’t have time to spend it anyway!

Over time, almost every aspect of my life – my relationships, my sleep, even my health – began to suffer. I felt like throwing in the towel and giving up on my pet sitting business altogether. (If you already have a pet sitting business maybe you can relate.)

But then I made a decision that changed my business (and my life) for good…


I Gave Myself One Year… to Make Massive Change in My Business!


I committed to running my pet sitting business for just one more year… and to make serious changes to earn more and “stress out” less. If I wasn’t bringing in substantial profits and experiencing less stress after that time, I was going to walk away from my pet sitting business.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I did a TON of business research and, armed with a healthy amount of determination, I discovered that it was the way I ran my business that was causing trouble… not the business itself. Because I had nothing to lose I got very creative about the way I ran my business. I began implementing business strategies that finally made my pet business more valuable, profitable, and yes, enjoyable!

If you’re struggling with your own pet sitting or dog walking business… or even if you’ve felt too overwhelmed to take the first step and start your pet sitting or dog walking business… I’d like to share these strategies with you today.


Introducing the COMPLETE Pet Business Manual…

“Six-Figure Pet Sitting: Catapult Your Pet Sitting Business to Unlimited Success!”


Your Guide to a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business that Gives You the Income, Fulfillment, and Freedom YOU Deserve!

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I’ve created this guide to show you everything you need to know (and everything I wish I knew when I started out) to successfully start and run your own six-figure, enjoyable pet sitting or dog walking business… and have plenty of time left over to enjoy your life.

If you’ve been running your business for a while, the “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” manual will help you break out of your rut and empower you to take control of your business. And if you’re just starting out (or you’re still in the planning stage), don’t worry – there are plenty of tips and strategies to help you get started off on the right foot!

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“I bought your “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” eBook and so far what I read is great……this book helped me see that I am doing things correctly and has helped with a few things I have been considering. Thanks!”

Dedi & Gary Wood
Shadow & Marty’s Pet Care Services
Plano, Texas


“I ordered your book and it is wonderful. Thank you for writing something that will be a valuable resource to me personally and professionally.”
Elisa Schmidt
Creature Comforts Pet Sitting and Training
Freehold, New Jersey


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Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Get with “Six-Figure Pet Sitting”…


I couldn’t possibly list out all of the topics covered in this in-depth guide here – there’s simply not enough room on this page to contain all of the things you’ll master when you dive into this comprehensive guide. But I wanted to give you a small taste of what you’ll discover just minutes after you complete your order today:

  • You’ll learn 12 essential steps you can’t afford to skip when starting your pet business. (Start on page 23.)
  • You’ll get the tools and guidance you need to create a solid business plan in just ONE hour. (Go to page 43 and save weeks of time on this critical task.)
  • You’ll find out which “early morning” activities will set an incredibly positive tone for your day and create opportunities for amazing success. (My personal favorites are on page 77.)
  • You’ll discover the unconscious attitudes and beliefs that can keep you from making enough money in your business… and how to banish them almost instantly. (Get all the details starting on page 59.)
  • You’ll get proven tips for organizing every aspect of your business… so that you can spend more time focusing on the pets you are caring for (Find everything you need to know starting on page 83.)
  • You’ll get the exact tool I use to maximize efficiency and serve as many clients as possible… while still enjoying a life outside of work. (Page 89 explains it in detail.)
  • You’ll learn how to promote your services to become the “go to” pet business in the eyes of your local customers. (Your complete marketing plan starts on page 119.)
  • You’ll find out exactly what you need to do to attract enthusiastic, high-paying clients today… even if you’ve struggled for months. (Go to page 127 for this tried-and-true approach to getting pet sitting clients fast.)
  • You’ll get real-world advice on finding and hiring reliable staff members so that you can grow your business without working yourself into the ground. (Don’t miss these income-growing techniques – turn to page 167 to start building your pet sitting and dog walking staff the right way.)
  • You’ll learn stress-free strategies for dealing with difficult clients. (Page 185 will help you keep these clients in check.)
  • You’ll discover an indispensable strategy for increasing your yearly income by $4,800… without taking on a bigger workload. (Find out how on page 190.)
  • And much, MUCH more!

PLUS… you’re getting a full library of checklists, worksheets, and action items to keep your enthusiasm high and your pet sitting and dog walking business moving forward. By the time you complete the Six-Figure Pet Sitting manual, you’ll have completed all the steps necessary to make your pet business profitable and fulfilling for years – and even decades – to come!

And you’ll be able to download the full manual and all of the other materials within 60 seconds after you compete your order… so you can start on the path to higher pay and more enjoyment in just a minute from now! 


Order the “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” Manual Now – and Create Your

Dream Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Today!


Why spend another day wondering why you’re working too hard at your pet business for not enough money (or worse, being too scared to start at all)? With “Six-Figure Pet Sitting,” you’ll have the support, guidance, and proven techniques I used to build my own six-figure pet sitting and dog walking business… and that can help you build yours!



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kristin1I look forward to helping you create the successful, enjoyable pet business I know you deserve!
 P.S.: Even if you only use a few of the tips and strategies in this guide, you can easily make back your small investment of $24.95 many times over. It’s your pet sitting and dog walking business – why not make it as profitable and fulfilling as possible? Grab your copy of the “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” guide today!





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Check Out What Others Have Said About this Transformative Guide…


“I purchased your book “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” several months ago and have found it very helpful. We are a small start-up in a very rural area and I have developed plenty of marketing ideas based in your book that have helped us expand. I’m looking forward to implementing many of the ideas I found in your book, while also using your coaching about how to keep my sanity as business grows! Thanks so much for such a great resource!”
Kathleen Gibbs
Garrett PetMinders
Mountain Lake Park, MD


“Thanks for all the helpful information! I read your book “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” and I have changed the way I now conduct my pet sitting business. I participated in your teleconference and gained a great deal of information. Thank you.”
Ann Gledhill
Smithfield, Virginia
Pet Sitters Smithfield, LLC


“I bought your eBook “Six Figure Pet Sitting” and it is fabulous! Thank you so much for writing it. Seeing the steps that you took and the trouble that you went through to get where you are was worth the money and it was well spent.”
Theresa Cahill
A1 Critter Sitters
Riverhead, NY


“Kristin instills an optimism that anyone at any age can re-invent their business or start up a new venture. Her advice on social networking has inspired me to jump in to the cyber world and re-vamp my current situation. Following the plan in her book will generate a more fulfilling life for me and further satisfaction to my clients.”
Dianne Eibner
Dog Walking & Boarding
Ontario, Canada


“Kristin, thank you for writing your book. I found it by accident – ordered it and I almost started crying…Thanks to your book, I have done the majority of what is outlined!”
Vanessa Rose
My Pet’s Best Friend Pet Sitting /
l’Ange Gardienne
Montreal, Quebec in Canada


“As a new pet sitter, I want to say thank you for writing your book “Six-Figure Pet Sitting”! Having all of your amazing tips in one place, not only saves me from having to learn certain things by trial and error, but it is inspiring as well.”
Lindsey Wescott
This Little Doggie Stayed Home
Chandler, Arizona


“A must have for anyone starting a pet sitting business or for business owners who want to grow their pet service business into a six figure company. The book is easy to read and Kristin walks you through step-by-step from startup to hiring employees. I have reread it many times. It is a must have for your library!”
Sandra Fowler
Lap of Luxury Pet Concierge
Brentwood, Tennessee


“Deciding to buy your e-book, “Six-Figure Pet Sitting”, was one of the best decisions I made as a new professional pet sitter! The material in your book is comprehensive and really useful. I like your approach. It makes sense to me. You and your book have made an impact on me. Thank you, Kristin.”
Susan Howell 
Alexandria, Virginia




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