FAQ about Six-Figure Pet Business Academy™ Products and Services

Six-Figure Business Products For Pet Business Owners™:

Q. Help! I’m in a hurry and need one of your business forms right now! How soon will I receive the form once I place my order?

A. No worries! You will receive any product you order from us within less than a minute of purchasing it! Yep, you read that right. Here’s how it works:

Once you order one of our Six-Figure Business Products for Pet Business Owners™ you will receive an email from us with a link to download the product you order. Just click on that link and you’ll be able to access the file that will show up on your computer screen. It’s that simple!

Please note: if your PayPal account is linked to your checking account (instead of your credit card or existing Paypal balance) there is a 5-day waiting period to make sure the check clears before the order is processed. PayPal will send you an email letting you know if this is the case and you will receive the product(s) the moment your check clears.


Q. Once I pay for the item where will I receive the download link to get my business products?

A. The email address you have listed with PayPal is the email address that you will receive the download link so you can access the product(s) that you ordered. Check the email address you use to log on to Paypal once you have made a purchase from us. Your download link will be waiting for you via email to click on it to directly access the product you just ordered!


Q. Help! I’ve clicked on the download link but where is my product that I ordered?

A. After you’ve clicked on the download link, your purchased product will be on your computer desktop. If you have a crowded desktop filled with a lot of icons you may have to look around for the new file that will contain your product! Click on the new file that is on your desktop and your product will immediately open so you can view it. It’s that easy!


Q. What format are your Six-Figure Business Products for Pet Business Owners in?

A. All of the products that you order (except for the recordings) will be sent to you in both MS Word document format (so you can customize each product you purchase for your own pet business use) as well as PDF format for easy viewing and reading. You will receive the product(s) in both versions of MS Word: 1 version for Mac and 1 version for PC so that all computers can simply and easily download and change any of the forms, contracts, or business kits that you purchased from Six-Figure Business Products for Pet Business Owners™.

The recordings will be sent to you in mp3 format. If you’ve never opened an mp3 file on your computer or you have no idea what an mp3 file is, it’s easy! Your computer will prompt you on how to best listen to the recording. You will be able to immediately listen to the recordings on your computer upon purchase of any of the recordings. The recording(s) can also be easily burned onto a CD so you can listen and learn while driving to a client’s home or doing errands!


Q. Your products have boxes and CD images representing them. So just to be clear: my products will not be mailed to me in little boxes or CDs but instead will come via to me instantly via my email. Is that correct?

A. Exactly. We simply use images of boxes, CDs, etc to represent what each product is. We could show you stacks of documents to represent the forms or start up kits that you will receive but that would be pretty boring visually, don’t you think? And for recordings, there’s no way for us to show you mp3 files so we chose CD images (even though, at this point, CDs are pretty archaic in the fast growing area of technology). 🙂


Q. Can I change ALL of your forms to suit my own pet business needs?

A. Yes, every single one of our forms can be changed for whatever you might need to add or delete. These forms were created with YOU in mind. Though all of the business forms and pet sitting contracts are complete as-is, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to customize any of these forms and contracts to suit your own business needs. Each business is different. We invite you to make changes as you need to. Many of the pet business owners who purchased our products years ago have changed them on a yearly or every-other-year basis as their business needs have changed.


Q. I’m afraid to order online. Is my information safe?

A. Yes! Ordering online via our website is completely safe. You’ll actually be paying for the products through PayPal, a 100% guaranteed secure payment site.

Here’s how it works: Once you click the ‘Order Now’ button on our website you will be directed to the PayPal site where your information is secure. If you have not yet signed up for a PayPal account you can sign up immediately and then quickly and effortlessly purchase one of our products. Again, it’s easy, safe and 100% secure. We’re committed to creating a pleasant and safe online shopping experience for all your pet business products.


Q. Why should I order Six-Figure Business Products for Pet Business Owners™?

A. That’s a great question! Though there are a lot of forms out there for pet business owners, very few forms, contracts and business start-up kits for pet business owners have been crafted and developed from over nearly two decades of running a successful pet business like the Six-Figure Business Products for Pet Business Owners™ have. Many of these forms are the same forms that Coach Kristin has used in her own highly successful pet care business.

Also Coach Kristin has sold thousands of these products to pet business owners from around the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia who have gone on to achieve six-figure success as a direct result of using these business products. Again, nearly two decades of pet business experience have gone into each form, contract and business start-up kit! Kristin has taken note of what has worked and what hasn’t in her years of running her own pet business and you get the benefit of all of that business experience within each Six-Figure Business Product for Pet Business Owners™.


Q. I have a question about a product I’ve ordered. How can I contact you?

A. Sure! Feel free to email us at: thrive@SFPBacademy.com


Q. What products should I purchase if I’m just starting out with my pet sitting business?

A. Just one: the Six-Figure Business Start-Up Kit for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers™ is what we’d recommend for those just starting their pet sitting businesses. It’s all you need right now! It contains everything you need to start your business and to set the foundation for creating a six-figure pet sitting business.

Want more information? Here’s the link to find out more and to purchase the Six-Figure Business Start-Up Kit for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers™.


Q. I’ve owned my pet sitting business for years. Is there a product you have that might benefit my business even if I’ve been in business for many years?

A. YES! The Six-Figure Business Hiring Kit: For Hiring Pet Sitting / Dog Walking Staff™ is the next step for you. Even if you’ve already hired good people you will find that the pet sitters and dog walkers you hire after using this kit will be even better than the ones you have on staff now! Plus the entire hiring process will be so much easier with all the tools that are in the Six-Figure Business Hiring Kit: For Hiring Pet Sitting / Dog Walking Staff ™.

Want more information? You can click on this link to go straight to the Six-Figure Business Hiring Kit: for Hiring Pet Sitting / Dog Walking Staff™.

Also if you’ve been in business for a few years you might want to consider hiring an office manager or office assistant so you can take a well-deserved break from the phones.

You will find the Six-Figure Business Hiring Kit: Hiring an Office Assistant or Office Manager™ essential in hiring for this very important position: the job of replacing you when you need a break!

You can click on this link to go straight to the Six-Figure Business Hiring Kit: Hiring an Office Assistant or Office Manager™.

We would also recommend any of the individual product items or one of the social media or success recordings. Just purchasing even one Six-Figure Business Products for Pet Business Owners™ will change the way you look at -and run- your pet business!


Six-Figure Business Coaching For Pet Business Owners

Q. How long has Coach Kristin been coaching dog trainers, doggy day care owners, dog and cat groomers, pet sitters and other pet business owners?

A. Wow, it’s been many years of coaching now! Kristin has enjoyed coaching pet business owners from all parts of the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia since 2000. Speaking of the United States, Kristin has coached hundreds of pet business owners from 49 of the 50 US states and she’s still waiting for an Alaskan pet business owner to contact her so she can finally say ‘all 50 states’.


Q. What specific areas of the pet business does Coach Kristin help pet business owners with?

A. Pretty much anything related to pet business including: (but not limited to!) how to create a successful six-figure pet business, steps to hiring great staff members, training staff members, what kind of services to offer and how much to price services, low-cost yet highly effective marketing, time-management to create a peaceful life, burnout and effective cures for stress resulting from being a pet business owner, cash flow issues: how to create more cash flowing in than is flowing out, working as an effective partnership within the pet business, preparing the pet business for sale, setting up the pet business to expand to multiple cities or states and more.

Kristin also deals with the human conditions around running a business: support if a crisis occurs within the pet business, communication and relational issues between owner, staff and clients, fears around hiring, expanding, isolation issues that may arise out of being self-employed and not working face-to-face with people, how to expand gracefully and the feelings that may come up around having more time and making more money. Creating a successful business often requires working through the business owners’ fears around being wealthy as well as getting used to having space in the day that’s not filled to the brim once more time gets created once delegation occurs.


Q. How long would Coach Kristin recommend I that I coach with her?

A. It really depends what your specific business issue is.

If you are just starting your pet business it’s recommend that you work with Kristin for a minimum of a month to a maximum of three months so she can help you create a foundation for your business that will be strong, solid and set up correctly from the very beginning.

If you are hiring people for the first time or have hired staff in the past that haven’t worked out well, 1-3 months of coaching is recommend so she can teach you step-by-step her fool-proof method for hiring the perfect staff members for your business. She will hold your hand through the process which is often welcome relief for those business owners who are new to hiring or who have a track record of hiring ‘bad staff members’.

If you simply have questions about whether starting a particular pet business (dog training, dog day care, pet grooming, pet sitting, and others) would be a good fit for you or if you have a couple of specific minor issues within your pet business that need to be resolved then usually a 25 or 50-minute session will get you the information and help that you need.

Some coaching clients who have worked with Kristin in the past will call her periodically to set up individual sessions as their questions arise. Still others work with her regularly via weekly or twice a month coaching calls to keep their goals and their businesses on track.

It really is up to you. She’s coached hundreds of pet sitters for so many years now that she can usually tell you up front exactly how long you’ll need to work together to get you the specific results you want in your business whether it be a dog training, dog day care, pet grooming or other pet business. However, the ball is always in your court when it comes to how long you work with Coach Kristin.


Q. I’ve signed up for monthly coaching sessions. What’s the cancellation policy if I need to cancel?

A. Whether you sign up for a one-time session or monthly sessions, Kristin requires 72 hours notice or more in order to reschedule your session. Kristin’s coaching schedule is a busy one and every day pet business owners with business and life concerns contact her for last minute assistance. Late cancellations or missed appointments don’t allow her to help someone in need. Thanks for honoring our cancellation policy.


Q. Do the monthly coaching sessions include email support throughout the month?

A. Due to her commitment to having a balanced life (in both work and the personal aspects of her life), Kristin only works with coaching clients through pre-arranged phone coaching sessions.

She does not offer email support as part of her coaching program.

Through her coaching, words, and actions, Coach Kristin is committed to helping her clients learn to set the boundaries necessary to become successful and empowered business owners. She practices what she preaches and enjoys modeling healthy respect for one’s time and life energy.


Q. I’ve just started my dog training business-Help!

A. Coach Kristin can help you! She’s highly experienced with the steps you will need to take to create a firm foundation to start a successful dog training business. Send her an email at: thrive@SFPBacademy.com.


Q. I’ve owned my pet business for a few years now-Help!

A. Kristin has successfully worked with hundreds of pet business owners from around the country who were feeling stuck, burned out or who had reached a ‘money plateau’ in their existing pet businesses and who are now making more money than they ever thought possible and (more importantly for most of them) are feeling more ease and peace in running their pet businesses. Send her an email at: thrive@SFPBacademy.com.


Q. I’m burned out in my pet business and I’m ready to throw in the towel. Help. (I’m so tired I can’t even yell.)

A. Coach Kristin can help you too. See her story on the About Coach Kristin page (she’s been there and she gets it) and then shoot her an email so you can begin to explore solutions to your burnout issues. Owning a pet business (whether it be a dog training, doggy daycare, dog and cat grooming, or other pet business) is full of potential to make a lot of money and have time to do the things you love while still running a successful business—don’t throw in the towel! Kristin can help you find solutions to the problems that are causing you burnout within your pet business.


Q. What will I gain by using Coach Kristin as my business coach?

A. If you are just starting out you can learn how to create and launch a successful business from the very beginning (why reinvent the wheel?) If you have been in business for a while you can gain tools and knowledge to help you run your existing business more effectively (and in a sane way!) For those of you who are consumed by your businesses, you can learn how to have a great business, as well as a great life, through your coaching sessions.

Kristin doesn’t proclaim to have all the answers but after her nearly two decades of running her own pet business and coaching nearly a thousand pet business owners from across the US, Canada, UK, and Australia since 2000, this does enable her to have most of the answers regarding how to create a pet business that makes solid money and is run in an ease-filled way.


Q. Why should I contact Coach Kristin to coach me with my pet business?

A. See the paragraph above.


Six Figure Business Webinars For Pet Business Owners™

Q. How do the Six-Figure Webinars for Pet Business Owners™ work?

A. The Six-Figure Pet Business Academy™ offers a wide range of webinars and workshops especially formulated for the pet business owner wanting to create more money, time or business skills within his or her dog training, dog/cat grooming or doggy daycare company.

These workshops are conducted via telephone and/or computer so no matter where you are located you can watch, listen, learn and ask questions alongside other pet business owners from all over the world including United States, Canada, UK, and Australia!

The webinars cover a variety of subjects that are pertinent to dog trainers, dog walkers, dog/cat groomers, doggy daycare owners including: business start-up, how to hire the best staff members for your business, holiday tips for ease and financial abundance, and more.


Q. How will I know when a new Six-Figure Webinar for Pet Business Owners™ is being offered?

A. You can check the website every couple of weeks as new webinars are generally announced every few weeks. Also if you have signed up for the Six-Figure Pet Business Owner e-newsletter you will be alerted through our e-newsletter when new webinars are being offered. Generally you can expect one webinar a month, so check back monthly to see what’s happening here!


Q. How often do you send out your mojo + money e-newsletter?

A. Our commitment here at the Six-Figure Pet Business Academy™ is to make your business (and your life!) easier and not harder in ALL ways! This includes us not sending you unnecessary emails (which create more work for you in the form of your having to read them! Yuck. Who wants that? Not us and certainly not you!)

So, that being said, we won’t send out more than four newsletters or webinar announcements in any given month (and usually less than four a month). Anymore than four newsletters a month from the same company is annoying for us to receive and so we want to give you the same respect when it comes to your email box!

So…if you are interested in knowing what’s new here for you at SFPB Academy™, then do sign up for our newsletter and also bookmark our website and stop by every so often to see what new class we’ve whipped up for even more pet business success!


Q. What is the benefit of attending Six-Figure Pet Business Academy™ webinars?

A. Well, first of all they are FUN! If you’ve never gathered with pet business owners from all over the world then you are in for a treat!

One of the other benefits of a class with Six-Figure Pet Business Academy™ is that it is easy: all SFPB Academy™ webinars are done via phone and computer so you don’t even have to leave your home! (And some of our attendees let us know they are learning from the comfort of their PJs and bed which completely delights us.)

If you aren’t able to be in your home or office when the webinar is happening you can bring us along via phone wherever you are. How’s that for easy?

Our commitment to you is that each webinar is simple, straightforward and to the point and filled with valuable information so you can hit the ground running using the tools you’ve learned. Our intention is that you will make more money and have more ease in your pet business and in your life as a direct result of taking any and all webinars that we offer.

Another of the benefits of SFPB Academy™ classes is the ability to connect with like-minded pet business owners from all across the world who, just like you, want to be successful in all the ways that pet business owners can be. You can arrive early on the call and speak with others who are struggling with the exact same issues you are. Or you can stay on the phone after the webinar is complete and connect with pet business owners from all across the US, Canada, UK, and Australia! It’s also an incredible way to meet business owners who do what you do but are not your direct competition. Through connecting via the webinars, some pet business owners have cultivated new friendships this way with people clear across the world and yet whom they have a common bond with: the pet business.


Q. Darn. There’s a webinar I want to attend but I’m not available on that night. I don’t really want to cancel my plans. What should I do?

A. No problem! Simply sign up for the webinar and then shoot us an email letting us know that you can’t make that particular night. We’ll get the replay link to you within 24 hours of the webinar date. It will be almost as good as attending the live event, we promise! And this way you can have your cake (your plans) and eat it too (the webinar). Yum-Yum.


Q. I’ve heard that Kristin also speaks in-person at pet business networking groups and annual pet business association conferences. How can I have her speak at my networking group or association conference?

A. It’s easy: just send her an email to start the conversation: thrive@SFPBacademy.com

Yes! Kristin loves speaking to pet business groups and pet business conferences. She has spoken at pet business conferences in many states including Texas, Virginia, Nevada and California.

Kristin offers a roster of workshops for networking groups and pet business associations including Six-Figure Pet Business Success™ and Powerful Goal Setting and Achieving for Pet Business Owners™ workshops. She also offers workshops on hiring, combating burnout, and other transformational business workshops for dog trainers, dog walkers, dog day care owners, pet sitters, dog and cat groomers and other pet business owners! She can also conduct special success webinars for your group or association.

If you are interested in having her speak at your networking group or for your business association conference please send her an email at: thrive@SFPBacademy.com.