Prosperous Pet Business BIG High Res BannerEver have the experience where you have to keep silent about something because it just isn’t the right time to reveal it?

We’ll, I’ve been having that experience for a couple of months now. And it’s been tough, let me tell you…

But finally…I can share!

Last year I had the idea to create an online conference for pet business owners. But not just any online conference…

A FREE online pet business conference. Yes, free!

One where pet business owners, and even those interested in starting a pet business, can attend from their home, office or even their car.

A conference for all service-based pet business owners including: dog trainers, pet groomers, pet sitters, dog walkers and doggy day care owners.

A pet business conference that has video interviews with top pet business experts like:

-Patti Moran of Pet Sitters International

-Paul Mann, creator of the world’s largest pet care franchise

-Ian Dunbar, renowned dog trainer, author and TED speaker

-Plus top social media experts, branding and marketing experts, and more!

And in addition to pet business experts: I wanted to include mind, body, and spirit experts because, to me, having a successful business includes nurturing our body and soul too.

Because what’s the point of a successful business and lots of money if we aren’t happy and healthy in all areas of our lives?

If you dream it, if you build it, it will happen. And then it will no longer be a dream. It will be reality.

I’m very excited to announce The Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference!

The conference will start on September 22, 2014.
Prepare to be amazed!

Click to find out more and to sign up now to attend the Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference.

Not able to attend the online pet business conference? No problem! You can purchase all 19 conference videos with expert pet business speakers for a very low price for a limited time and get immediate access NOW.

To your prosperity (on all levels),
Kristin Morrison

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