Recording: How to Hire the Perfect Pet Sitting Staff

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Have you hired pet sitters for your business or are you thinking about hiring pet sitters for your business? This webinar recording is for YOU! This webinar was recorded live with an audience of over one hundred pet sitters and dog walkers from around the world.

You’ll experience a thorough slide show of what needs to happen in order for you to find, hire and keep great people. There’s also Q and A at the end and you can be a fly on the wall and listen in on the biggest challenges and questions from pet sitters and dog walkers just like you who want to break free from the struggles of hiring pet sitters for their businesses. Listen to Coach Kristin’s answers as she guides pet sitters toward a sane, peaceful and informed hiring experience.

What makes Kristin an expert on hiring pet sitters and dog walkers? Kristin hired over 250 people through the course of running her nearly two decades old pet sitting business. When she sold her business, she had 35 top-notch pet sitters on staff, including 4 managers to help her run her business.

Using her extensive knowledge on the subject of hiring pet sitters and dog walkers and having successfully coached thousands of pet sitters from around the country on the ins and outs of hiring for the pet sitting business, you will learn:

  • What you need to know before you hire anyone
  • How to create the PERFECT staff that will support your business
  • Why hiring pet sitters for your business is the only way you can (comfortably!) create a six-figure earning business
  • Proven tips from Coach Kristin on how to make your hiring process flow smoothly and effortlessly—from start to finish
  • What rate to pay your staff and why
  • How and where to find great staff
  • How to keep the great staff members you hire
  • How to transition from ‘worker bee’ to turning your clients over to your staff
  • And MANY MORE answers to your hiring questions revealed

This 75-minute webinar recording will be emailed to you and is available for immediate listening on your computer NOW. Order the Hiring webinar recording today and have your hiring questions answered right now!

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