How to Start and Run a Successful Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

How to Start and Run a Successful Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST

  • Thinking about starting a pet sitting or dog walking business but not sure how to get started in a way that will ensure success?
  • Are you in your first year of pet sitting and aren’t generating the kind of profits you’d like to be generating?

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If you are new to pet sitting or in your first year of pet sitting, this webinar is for YOU.

In this class you will learn the steps needed to create a firm foundation from which to launch and run a business that thrives from day one. It’s a myth that new business owners have to struggle, overwork and underearn in their first year of business!

Why reinvent the wheel? In this webinar you will gain all the tips and tools you will need to get your phone to ring off the hook. You will learn how to create a business that will be stress-free: from Day One. You will come away with being able to create a level of success that usually happens for most businesses after year three—all in your first year of business.

In a clear, step-by-step format, Kristin Morrison, founder of the Six-Figure Pet Business Academy™ will outline in a direct and clear way exactly what is needed to successfully start and run your pet sitting and dog walking business-from Day One!

Coach Kristin has helped thousands of pet sitting and dog walking business owners from across the country learn the art of running a solvent, successful, and profitable business. In this webinar Kristin will teach you how to create your own successful business.

By attending the class you will discover:

  • 12 start up steps that will ensure success from your first day of business
  • What contributes most to starting and running a successful business
  • The top concern for pet owners and how you can address that need
  • How to sell your service easily and effortlessly to potential clients
  • What service to offer clients that will generate the most profit for you
  • The #1 mistake pet sitters often make when starting out
  • How to identify –and find- your Ideal Clients
  • Looking ahead: how to double your clientele –and profit- in Year Two

You will come away with:

  • A First Year Tips and Tools List that will insure your success
  • Knowing exactly what is needed to get your phone to ring
  • A feeling of confidence when it comes to starting and running your business
  • How to create a business foundation that will enable you to make six figures
  • A sense of ease when it comes to running your business
  • How to sell your service in a way that compels clients to say YES
  • And more!

Details and FAQ about the How to Start and Run a Successful Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business webinar:

When? Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Time: 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST

How long is this webinar? 60-75 minutes (there will be for Q & A from the audience)

How much:
$20 (register by April 25)
$30 (register by May 16)
$40 (register May 17 or later)

How: Via webinar and you can access the class via your telephone OR your computer. You’ll experience an interactive PowerPoint visual presentation via your computer with Kristin answering Q & A at the end of the webinar.

How long do I have to sign up? It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are ready to start your pet sitting business and/or create a successful first year of pet sitting, why not commit to your business and sign up today?

I can’t make it on the particular night that it is currently scheduled. Will you be offering this class on another night? At this time, we aren’t currently offering this webinar again on this year’s schedule of classes. If you are interested in attending this class on another night do email us to let us know you are interested and we may schedule another.

What if I won’t be home the night the class is happening? No problem! You can listen from the road or wherever you may be. All you need is a phone. You don’t even have to be in a quiet location because you will be muted. And guess what? If you really can’t make it on that night you can register now and just email us today to let us know you want the recording. We are happy to email you the recording of the webinar within 24 hours after the class. How is that for easy and convenient?

I’m tired of being on the phone. Why should I do this webinar? You can watch, listen and learn from the webinar via your computer if you like instead of listening via your phone. Many of our webinar attendees enjoy learning in their pajamas and from the comfort of their bed or with their feet up while relaxing in their favorite chair. It’s up to you!

Is this class for brand-new pet sitting business owners? I’ve owned my business for nine months. Will this class help me? This webinar is for ALL pet sitting business owners who are in their first year of business. Even if you have already started your business you will gain valuable tips and tools to insure your success.

Okay, this sounds great! How do I sign up? It’s easy! Just click the registration button below to sign up.

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