Need to Hire Pet Sitters or Dog Walkers? Hiring for Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business (Made Easy!)

how-to-hireDo you have pet sitting or dog walking staff members?

If not, do you want to hire some great people this year? Or…are you one of those pet sitters who consistently hires horrible people? (Don’t worry if you do, there’s hope!)

Here’s the Thing: Fear Is Normal. If you haven’t yet hired, you probably are feeling some fear about hiring. If so, don’t worry! That’s normal when you are new to hiring. And believe it or not, fear is actually a good emotion that keeps you on your toes about hiring the right person. But having TOO much fear around hiring can lead to bad decisions or (eek!) no decision at all. And without staff then you are forced to work more hours than you might like in your pet sitting business. And that’s no fun. 🙁

Is Your ‘Picker’ Off?  If you do have pet sitters and dog walkers working for you, are they GREAT staff members? Lots of pet sitting business owners are just that…great pet sitting business owners. But often great pet sitting business owners can have a hard time making the shift to picking the right people and hiring great staff members. And believe me, it IS a big shift to go from being a pet sitter or a pet sitting business owner to someone who is actually hiring pet sitters. It’s a different skill set.

I Had a Bad Picker Too. Then I Made Some Big Shifts In The Way I Hired.  If you have fear around hiring pet sitters and are terrible at hiring you are not alone. When I first started hiring I had a lot of fear around hiring pet sitters too (and that fear kept me awake far too many nights when I was first hiring!) And early on, when I hired people, my staff choices were horrible. (It hurts just thinking about it.) But then I discovered and developed simple and foolproof methods that made the hiring pet sitters process nearly painless and helped me hire incredible people. I hired about 250 pet sitters in the 18 years that I owned my pet care business. And for the last few years of running my business we often had an average of 35 great pet sitters on staff at any one time. I had created a different reality for myself and my company. Hiring went from being the task I despised to one I actually enjoyed…because I had learned how to pick the right people.

My Favorite Pet Sitting Staff Compliment Ever. The most common happy compliment given to me about my pet sitting company from our clients who used our pet care service was: “I don’t know where you find your pet sitting and dog walking staff but they are ALL so wonderful.”  Ahh….music to my ears.

Hiring Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers. Made Easy. (Yes, Easy!) I’m excited to share with you proven ways that will help YOU hire great staff too. At the end of this month I’m teaching a webinar that will help you hire wonderful pet sitters and dog walkers. Click for more information and to sign up now for the webinar How to Hire Great Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers.

I’m so looking forward to help you hire wonderful pet sitters and dog walkers so you can take a much-needed break (or perhaps just get some office work done!)

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