The Prosperous Pet Business Conference still has one more week to go. So far, we’ve had 10 speakers for you and there’s still 10 (yes, ten!) more speakers to go. Facebook Banner Conference Dates

Thanks to all of you who have sent us emails and posted comments on the speaker video pages. It’s been so sweet to receiving emails from around the world from pet business owners who are learning, growing and shifting the way they do business in order to create more ease and joy.

I wanted to share just a bit from of a couple of emails I recently received so, wherever in the world you are watching, you can realize that pet business owners from across the globe are watching along with you (even if they aren’t beside you).

Here are two email snippets:

“Thank you for this opportunity to listen to these great speakers. Especially here in Finland, where pet business is very small and not considered a ‘real business’, this gives me hope and trust to follow my own path.”

“Thanks a lot for helping me access the videos. They are amazing and very useful. Thanks a lot for doing this. Great effort. I’m in India.”

Pet business owners from around the world, unite!

We have two videos available for unlimited viewing (the rest are 24 hour viewing only and you can get the conference video package for unlimited viewing).

Click for the interview with Victoria’s Stilwell.

Click for the interview about marketing your pet business with me, Kristin Morrison.image-kristin-coaching

I hope you enjoy the rest of the conference,

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