Pet Business 2014 Video Package

20+ Pet Business Experts Give YOU Their Insider Knowledge
In These Strategy-Packed Conference Videos!

Each of the 19 information-filled speaker videos in this conference series was only available to conference attendees for 24 hours… but when you purchase this in-depth training collection today, you’ll get every single video in the series delivered to your email inbox immediately upon order… and have unlimited access forever!

These videos are perfect for you if you’ve experienced any of these frustrations:

  • You are a pet sitter, dog trainer, pet groomer, doggy day care owner, or dog walker… and you find yourself thinking and worrying about your business even when you’re not working
  • You struggle to make the kind of money you want from your business…and you’re not sure how to boost your sales and profits
  • You find it hard to get (and keep) clients… even though you offer a service that lots of pet owners need
  • You feel like you’re on the fast track to burnout… and desperately need a change
  • You’ve got so many clients that you’ve lost the enthusiasm you had when you started your pet business… and almost dread going to work some days
  • You are a new pet business owner and wish that you could find someone who could help you market more efficiently, make more money, and enjoy running your pet business

With the wealth of knowledge contained in these videos, you don’t have to struggle anymore!

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You Deserve to Own a Profitable, Fulfilling Pet Business… and the Freedom to Enjoy Your Life!

When you have access to this simple, on-demand resource that can turn your business around (and give you your life back) in a matter of days…

  • You’ll feel empowered, knowing that you no longer have to struggle to grow and run your business
  • You’ll feel optimistic, knowing that your business is generating the income you need to provide a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your family
  • You’ll feel relaxed, knowing that you don’t have to spend every minute of your life worrying about your business… or being tied to your smartphone waiting for the next emergency
  • You’ll feel relieved, knowing that you can finally take a weekend off, or even (gasp!) enjoy a vacation without coming back to chaos
  • You’ll feel enthusiastic about your business once again… and excited to get to work with pets every day

If You’re Ready to Rekindle Your Love for YOUR Pet Business… You Owe it to Yourself to Purchase the Videos from the “Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference!”

Here’s a Sampling of What You’ll Learn in the Videos…

  • You’ll discover how to make more money from your business easily, so that you can enjoy the income and lifestyle you deserve
  • You’ll find out how to create more freedom in your business so that you can spend less time working and more time experiencing a fulfilling life
  • You’ll learn simple techniques for reducing stress, so that you can approach your work with enthusiasm and joy
  • You’ll discover how to create a healthy lifestyle around your business, so you can have more energy and get more out of life
  • You’ll learn how to leverage social media to build a following of loyal customers more easily than you ever thought possible
  • You’ll get simple, powerful branding techniques, so that you can make your business stand out from your competition
  • You’ll discover one strategy that can exponentially increase your income with minimal work (and find out how to determine if this strategy is the right move for your business)
  • And much, MUCH more!

Think of this video collection as your personal pet business reference library… a pool of inspiration, advice, and expert “how-tos” you can use anytime to build a better, more enjoyable pet business!

Check Out This Line-Up Of Expert Speakers:

Patti Moran: Pet Sitters International
“How to Create a Profitable and Empowered Pet Business”
Arden Moore, Two Legged Life:
“Perfecting the Art of Work Reinvention”
Veronica Boutelle, Dog Tec:
“Simple Ways Pet Business Owners Can Save Time (Ahhh!) and Make More Money”
Thom Somes, Pet Tech:
“How to Recover from (and Move Beyond) Pet Business Burnout”
Alicia Dattner, Creativity and Life Coach:
“Using Improv and Play to Lighten the (Bleep!) Up In Your Business and Your Life”
Trish King, Author and Dog Trainer:
“How Pet Professionals Can Skillfully Handle Dogs (and the Dog’s Human Parents!)”
Jerrod Sessler, CEO of Pet Butler:
“The Art of Making More Money In Your Pet Business”
Chess Edwards, Life and Business Coach:
“Using Healthy Living and Eating to Create Energy for Optimal Living (and Running Your Business)”
Therese Kopiwoda & Danielle Lambert, Social Media Experts:
“How to Develop a Powerful Online Presence with Social Media”
Kristin Morrison, Creator of the Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference and Founder, Six-Figure Pet Business Academy™:
“How to Create More Freedom In Your Pet Business and Your Life”
Paul Mann, CEO of Fetch! Pet Care:
“All About Franchising: How to Turn Your Pet Business Into a Franchise and What’s Involved In Buying a Franchise”
Caroline Golon, High Paw Media:
“Branding and PR:
“How to Brand Your Pet Business to Gain Clients and Get on TV!”
Ian Dunbar, Dog Trainer, Veterinarian, Author and TED Speaker:
“How to Train and Motivate Dogs and Humans (Including Your Clients and Staff!)
Susan Briggs, Crystal Canine:
“How to Keep Track of Your Numbers in Your Pet Business (Yes, It Can be Fun, Easy and Illuminating!)”
Dee Hoult, CEO of Applause Your Paws Dog Training:“Navigating Pet Business Challenges with Ease and Grace”
Rita Reimers & Tiffany Reynolds, Pet Sitting Business Owners:
“Running Your Pet Business Remotely: How to Set Up Your Pet Business in Multiple Locations”
Lisa Maria, Author and Yoga Teacher:
“Using Yoga and Mindfulness to Relieve Stress in Your Pet Business”
Lisa Taron, The Pet Blog Lady:
“How to Make Your Business Blog Profitable, Easy and Fun to Write”
Andrea Arden, Host of Animal Planet:
“(Shhhhhhh!) Secrets for Pet Business Success”

By the way… Many of our experts are offering FREE gifts, like insider eBooks and webinars, that are included when you purchase the video collection today! (And who doesn’t like free stuff?)

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