Is It Possible To Choose Your Pet Sitting Software Supplier By Asking Four Simple Questions?

I have always talked about how using pet sitting software is essential if you want to achieve balance in your pet sitting life. Today the key question is still “How do you decide what pet sitting software is right for you?” Today we interview Richard Booty, the CEO of Pet Sitter Plus. pet-sitter-v2

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Q. Richard, please tell me a little bit about Pet Sitter Plus?

A. Pet Sitter Plus is a global brand of software serving the USA, UK and Australia. Our aim is always to deliver an innovative software product whilst setting new standards of support for the industry.

Q. When there are many brands of software around today, what made you decide to start Pet Sitter Plus?

A. In 2009, my wife was running a pet sitting business with software that was not working. The supplier did not really have the time to talk to us so the relationship was challenging. We asked ourselves four questions; a) Is this software reliable? b) Can we get world class support? c) Do we like the software? d) Do we know where this software is headed?  The answer every time was no so we set off on a quest to build a unique software product that could be delivered with world class support.

Q. What does world class support mean to you?

A. Many pet sitters have tried and failed to make software work for them and we think this is mostly down to support.

We wanted to create a world where support was more freely accessible so we set out to recruit a team of expert sales and support coaches that were uniquely skilled in their roles. Our team consists entirely of pet sitters who have benefitted so much from using Pet Sitter Plus that they have joined us to help spread the word. This unbelievably valuable team of experts helps us to deliver exceptional, one to one product training absolutely free of charge.

Q. You say people should ask the question “Do you like the software?” Isn’t that a bit obvious?

A. Yes I suppose it is a bit, but the serious point is this; when you have found a good fit for your business, focus on the question “Do I like using this software?”. By that I mean – Is it well designed? Easy to use? Fast? Intuitive? Because if it’s not, then it’s unlikely that it ever will be.

Q. How do you communicate your future vision to your clients?

A. Our clients join us for a journey and trust us to deliver the future. At Pet Sitter Plus we always have our next 10 product releases planned out in some detail for anyone who wants to know where we are headed.

Our aim is to be a supplier that you can talk to and trust. It’s easy to say, hard to do, but based on the reaction from our clients, every bit worth the effort.

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