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What’s included in the Pet Sitting Employee Handbook?

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Welcome to Our Company! 5
Handbook Purpose 5
Equal Employment 7
Background Checks 8
At-Will Notice 8
Anniversary Date 8
Immigration Law Compliance 8
Introductory Period 9
Employment Classifications 10
Personnel Records 10
Employee References 11
Job Vacancies 11
Job Postings 11
Transfers 12
Employment of Relatives 12
Seniority 12
General Guidelines 13
Anti-Harassment 16
Anti-Bullying 17
Complaint Procedure 19
Corrective Action 19
Pay Periods 21
Pay Adjustments 21
Overtime 22
Performance Evaluation 22
Promotions 23
Demotion 23
Work Assignments 23
Advances and Loans 23
Holidays 24
Military Leave 24
<Your State> Paid Leave Law 24
Jury Service Leave 25
Witness Leave 26
Voting Leave 26
Non-Smoking 27
Drug and Alcohol 27
Safety 28
Workers’ Compensation 29
Workplace Violence and Security 29
Hours of Work 31
Lactation Breaks 31
Attendance/ Tardiness 31
Personal Appearance 33
Confidentiality 33
Conflict of Interest 34
Outside Activities 35
Reporting Irregularities 35
Inspections/ Searches 36
Electronic Assets Usage 36
Social Media 38
Company Phone Usage 42
Personal Property 42
Client Location-Related Procedures 43
Initial Consultations 43
Pet Care Visits 43
Do's and Don'ts of the Pet Sitting / Dog Walking Visit 47
Emergency Procedures 50
Resignation 51
Termination 51
Personal Possessions & Return of Company Property 51
Inclement Weather 52
Automobile Accident 53
Parking 53
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A Note From Kristin:


I am so excited to share this highly sought-after employee hiring and management resource with you! In its pages, you will find all you need to create instant and effective employee policies and standards that will boost employees’ confidence in you and set your mind at ease when it comes to addressing employee issues, questions, and concerns.

This handbook was created by two seasoned pet sitters (myself and another experienced business owner), and an employment attorney and an HR company, so you won’t have to change much (if anything) to use it in your own business. That said, be sure to have an attorney in your local area review your handbook once you’ve customized it with your personal touches. This will be your final step to ensure that any city- or state-specific regulations exclusive to your business’s home base are included.

And don’t worry if you don’t know where to start in finding a lawyer for the final review. The Pet Sitting Employee Handbook includes easy-to-follow, empowering tips on how to find a low-cost employment attorney once you’re finished personalizing your handbook.

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