Private SEO Coaching Session For Your Pet Business Website


Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for advertising but want to get lots of clients quickly? 

All you need is one SEO coaching session and you can DIY (do it yourself), easily and effortlessly – and at a fraction of the cost of hiring an expensive SEO person (most require a 6+ month commitment).

In just one comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) session, Kristin Morrison will give you the keywords you need to put on your website and show you exactly where you need to put those keywords so you can begin to come up higher on Google and other search engines. 

Plus you’ll learn other important SEO tips that will get you much higher than you currently are on the search engines! 

So many pet business owners think SEO is complicated and difficult. It isn’t!

Here’s how easy SEO can be: 

  1. Together we’ll go through 5 main pages of your website, using screen sharing. 
  2. I’ll audit/analyze those 5 most important pages while you listen and you’ll have a comprehensive list of what needs to change along with how and where on your website in order to increase your search engine ranking.
  3. You, or your web person, will make the suggested changes. 
  4. In just 2-4 weeks after the changes, you’ll see your website come up higher than it currently is on the search engines! 

Bonus: After the coaching session, you’ll know how to make SEO changes to all your other website pages too, which puts the power of SEO in your hands from now on! 

What’s also included in your Search Engine Optimization Session:

  • How and where to list your business on the search engines
  • 75+ FREE websites to link your business website on to help you list build
  • Secrets to getting higher on Google Business and other sites
  • The top 5 pet business directories that are important for pet owners to find you
  • What you absolutely need to have on your website for top SEO
  • What’s important to continue to maintain high ranking on the search engines after your website comes up higher
  • Additional tips and tools to skyrocket above your competitors

Here’s how the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) session with Kristin process works:

  1. Sign up for your SEO coaching session / website audit.
  2. Kristin or her assistant will contact you with days and times for your session. You pick the one that works best for you.
  3. At the appointment time, plan to be in front of your computer and Kristin will be in front of her computer, using screenshare so you can learn by watching
  4. Kristin will explain step-by-step what you (or your web person) needs to change in order to come up higher on Google and the other search engines.
  5. Take notes and give the notes to your web person or use them yourself to come up higher on the search engines. 
  6. Enjoy all the new business you get as a result of ranking higher on Google and other search engines!