VIP Coaching Day With Kristin Morrison

Are you really serious about creating pet business growth faster than you ever thought possible and with more ease? If you are, I’m offering my coaching services to you on the Big Island of Hawaii or in the San Francisco Bay Area, for an entire VIP Day with me.

In your VIP Day, I’ll provide one-on-one business and life coaching especially for you and to share with you my secrets on how to increase your profits —and your joy— easily and effortlessly.

Seeing my coaching clients have big breakthroughs, right there— in person — is so exciting for me. Not only will we clarify which ideas and direction are best for you, but I’ll show you step-by-step how to implement your ideas right away, because what good are breakthroughs without a clear and specific plan to move you powerfully forward?

Creating BIG SHIFTS in your life and in your business comes when we dig in and discover what’s blocking you from creating what you want. Having someone (me!) who ‘gets it’ and can take you from where you are to where you want to be in a short amount of time will be rocket fuel for your business and your life. I get so excited at the prospect of having an entire DAY to coach you because, having created a wildly successful pet business of my own and also having coached thousands of pet business owners from around the country, I know what really works when it comes to creating success with ease.

In your VIP day, I’ll map out exact strategies customized especially for you along with a SIMPLE PLAN to help you start making more money quickly while expressing and living your purpose fully. You’ll leave your VIP day feeling passionate about your business and your life and more on fire than you ever thought possible. It’s simple: I’ll help you grow your business easily and effortlessly and in a way that frees up more of your time for the other things that you love do.

The 7 Life And Business-Changing Benefits
You’ll Experience When I Coach You
During Your VIP Day…

1) Clarity: You’ll Know Exactly What To Do Next In Your Business And Your Life (And For Years To Come)

Knowing exactly what you need to do next is such a good feeling as a business owner. An even better feeling is knowing exactly which steps to take in your business and your life in order give you the biggest results with the most ease. My goal is: let’s expend some energy now so that you reap the results (and the profit!) for years to come.

I’m known for helping my clients get completely clear about their entire business and their life and direction they want to take both. This means no more confusion, guessing, or wondering if you are going headed down the right path when it comes to your business and your life.

When you’re sitting next to me I’m going to help you “get the inner a-ha” which comes from knowing exactly how to generate your maximum profit with the least amount of work.

2) Game Plan: You’ll Leave Your VIP Day With The Focus That Can Only Come From Having A Clear Business And Life Plan Created Just For You.

You are unique. So is your business and the way you run it. So is your life and the way you live it. In your VIP day, we’ll get down to the essence of who you are and what you most want to create in your business and your life. From that place of extreme clarity, we will build a plan that is the rock-solid foundation to take you to the next level (and the next level and the one after that!)

When I work with you I deeply listen to what you want in your life and what you want in your business. From that place of deep listening to what really lights you up, we will then map a plan that combines what you love to do in your life and what will make you money with the most ease in your business.

3) Freedom To Be YOU: Time-Saving Strategies To Experience The Aspects Of Your Life That Truly Matter To You (Family, Friends, Your Life!)

Do you want more time with your family and friends? Do you want to travel the world? Maybe, like me, you want to spend half the year abroad while your business runs without you at the helm? I will help you structure your time better so you’re free to experience life beyond your business.

During our time together I share with you simple time management tools that will create many more hours in your days… to do the things you love to do. 

Together we will map out the next four quarters of your year so you know what needs to happen when…saving you time and keeping you focused on what will produce the fastest results and with the most ease.

4) Branding: We’ll Go Over ALL Your Marketing Materials So You Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

You may think your marketing materials look good but are they generating the amount of business you want and —even better— attracting your ideal clients to you?

We’ll go through your marketing materials one by one to make sure everything that represents you and your business is congruent with the plan we’ve created for you. I’ll give your marketing materials, including your website a thorough ‘teasing out’ to make sure you know exactly what it takes to generate brand recognition in order to make more money.

In your VIP Day I help you map out how to maximize your marketing materials including:

  • How to drive viewers to your website
  • How to build your mailing list so that you get more clients
  • How to remain first and foremost in the minds of your clients
  • How to turn website viewers into paying clients and customers
  • What works and what doesn’t when it comes to your marketing
  • And much more!

5) Do What You Love: Discover What Gives You Meaning, Purpose And Joy In Your Work And Your Life.

It’s simple: I help you get crystal clear about exactly why you are doing what you are doing in your business and you life.

We’ll identify which services and jobs as a business owner bring your joy while being exactly what your ideal clients and customers want. During your VIP Day you’ll see which aspects of your work allow you (and your business!) to thrive.

Learn how to give your unique gifts to the world and live while building a highly profitable business. 

6) Money: Do What You Love In Order To Make More Profit

During your VIP Day, I’ll help you see what income-producing activities are bringing you the most joy (and profit!) and you’ll walk away with a clear plan to create more profit with ease by focusing on income-producing activities that you truly enjoy doing.

Here are some of the ways I help you increase profits during your VIP Day:

  • We’ll determine which services generate the highest income and are the easiest and most joyful for you to do or delegate.
  • We’ll create the right marketing message that easily attracts your ideal clients so you’ll make money with ease because you’ll be working with clients you enjoy working with
  • We’ll discuss how you can get as many clients as you can handle with minimal cost and effort (It’s easier than you might think!)
  • You’ll discover how to stand out from your competitors-no matter how many you have in your area
  • And much more!

I’ll customize your VIP Day to focus on those moneymaking strategies that will work best for you and your unique business with the least amount of effort on your part. (I love simple yet highly effective money-making strategies that help you (and your clients!) create a great life.

7) Creativity: You’ll Discover How To Run Your Business That Works For You And Your Unique Self And Your Lifestyle!

Let me guess—you are self-employed because you like to work (and play) by your rules. And you like your time to be just that – your time. Yet somehow, what started as a venture to have more autonomy, has actually taken a lot of your life energy and you aren’t even making the kind of money you want to make. And let me guess: because your business is no longer giving you what (time, money, energy to do the things you love) you’ve lost the passion and drive in your business. Most business owners are highly creative, though they often don’t let that part of themselves be expressed in the running of their business. We’ll awaken that part of you in your VIP Day.

We’ll help you craft your business not only for profit and ease, but also as a means of self-expression.

You’re in business to make a difference for your clients and in your own life. Chances are you originally loved what you are doing or you wouldn’t have started a business doing it. Of course you want the money too, but that’s not the only thing that pulls you, right? There’s a deeper impulse that lives inside you and we’ll tap into that in your VIP Day.

We’ll awaken your full creativity into your business so it becomes part of your marketing message and what you are offering your clients.

Throughout our VIP Day I listen very closely not only to your words, but to who you ARE and the unique gifts that you bring to your clients and to the world. I will help you tap into those unique gifts so you can share them with the world and create a business that you love to run (and that’s also wildly profitable!)

Meet Kristin Morrison

Kristin Morrison is the author of six pet business books and the host of the podcast Prosperous Pet Business. She’s the founder of Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ and Six-Figure Pet Business Academy™. Kristin has worked with thousands of pet business owners from around the world since 2000. Kristin lives in Marin County, California and on the Big Island of Hawaii. She’s available to work with you in-person in one of these two locations or remotely via Zoom.

How Your VIP Day With Coach Kristin Will Work

1. We Start with a phone call.

About a week before your VIP Day we’ll have an in-depth 30-minute phone call. We’ll start planning our strategy on this call and continue when we’re in-person together.

2. You arrive in Hawaii or Marin County at least the day before your session.

I provide you a list of recommended hotels in a variety of price ranges. You should plan to stay at least one night. Of course you can stay longer and experience all of what the San Francisco Bay Area or the Big Island of Hawaii offers —and I recommend you do! (There’s nothing better than relaxing in a beautiful location after a full day of work to let things simmer and take shape and form.)

3. We’ll start your VIP Day at 10 a.m.

You’ll arrive at my office and we’ll start with a nice mug of coffee or tea (if you like). Typically, the first half of the day is spent getting all the ideas out on the table. I’ll ask you lots of clarifying questions. The whole time I’m beginning to get a sense for all the different parts of you and your business: your clients, your services, your goals, your lifestyle, your hopes and dreams. By the time we are ready to break for lunch we’ll have your 12-month plan in place. It’s an amazing process.

4. You take an hour-long break for lunch.

I’ll be providing items you have told me that you love and these will be available for snacks and lunch as well as I’ll stock your favorite beverages! Over lunch you can relax and rest your brain (you may need a quiet break or you may be very energized by what we’ve mapped out before lunch). Whatever you most need is fine during the lunchtime portion of the day. If you choose chatting over lunch instead of quiet time, we can discuss what was discussed earlier and you can ask questions and receive further coaching. Whatever would be most helpful for you is fine to do during the lunchtime part of the VIP Coaching Day! 

5. The second part of the day: Your Blueprint for Success.

After we’ve had some great lunch and fresh air, it’s back to work. The second half of the day is when we now drill down to the details of your success business blueprint. I’ll work on paper or on my computer to map out with you all the details of your most profitable and powerful business very energized by what we’ve mapped out before lunch).

This usually includes:

  • Specific goals and projects broken down for the next four quarters
  • Your entire website and marketing reviewed (for more website hits, list building, sales, etc.)
  • Your business building strategies (along with a schedule of what happens next)
  • Who your ideal client really is and how to attract them.
  • Carefully reviewing all of your service offerings and identifying new services and products that will increase your profit by leaps and bounds.
  • How to create more cash flow as soon as possible — starting the day after your VIP Day.
  • And much more!

We work until 5:00pm that evening. Typically, my VIP Day clients like to get a spa treatment nearby to let everything we covered in the day integrate.

6. Follow Up to Our VIP Day.

A week or two after our VIP Day you and I will get on the phone for a 30-minute call to go over any questions and fine-tune your plan. 

This is great because as you start to take action on your plan, questions will probably come up. I’m here for you to guide you along the way.

Are You A Good Fit For A VIP Day With Coach Kristin?

A VIP Day isn’t right for everybody. Because I spend an entire day with you (10:00am to 5:00pm) I ask that you meet a few requirements…

  • You need to have at least 1 year of pet business experience under your belt. (The VIP Day isn’t for you if you’re new to the world of pet business.)
  • You already have had some (or a lot!) of success in your pet business and you want to grow your business even more and with more ease and profit.
  • You’re ready and committed to think and vision bigger in your business and your life.

If you meet all these requirements, you are ready for your VIP Day with me.

Your total investment for the VIP Day is $2,995. Your travel and hotel stay is separate and is your responsibility.

I know this opportunity isn’t for everybody. It’s only for those who are serious about doubling, tripling, even quadrupling their income quickly, while building more freedom into their lives.

If you implement just a couple of the dozens of strategies and plans we’ll create together, you’ll very likely get back much more (much, much more!) than you invest for the day you spend with me. You’ll also gain more joy and a feeling of living on purpose in your business and your life than you ever thought possible.

If you’re ready to take your business and your life to the next level, click the buy now button below and I’ll meet you in your email box to set up your VIP Day date.

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Questions about the VIP Day? Feel free to email me now.

“Thank you for all your help during the VIP Coaching Day, Kristin. It was a great experience and you really helped me identify my goals and spell them out in a way that I could not do myself. Goal-setting is not my strong suit! I definitely recommend the VIP Coaching Day, especially for people like me who tend to learn better in person. Since every individual and business is difference, Kristin meets you where you are in order to tailor the VIP Day just for you and maximize what you get out of it. Thanks again, Kristin!”

— Summer Von Lackum
Big Kahuna Pet Care
Newport Beach, California

“Kristin truly provides a wealth of knowledge! I have been utilizing her books and services for five years now, even through the extremely frightening pandemic. Her support is invaluable!! When I saw that she provided a VIP Coaching Day opportunity in Hawaii, I had to make this dream come true! It was an amazing experience!!! As a growing business, Kristin helped with some “growing pain” areas that needed adjusting. She listened and provided feedback with her whole heart, and the VIP Day was a refresh that I truly needed as well! I highly recommend Kristin’s VIP Coaching Day—it was excellent!!” 

— Karissa
Business Owner