Webinars For Pet Business Success

Webinars For Pet Business Success

Anytime Access (24/7) Pet Business Classes:

Webinars for Pet Business Success

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How to Start Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business in 7 Days

CATAPULT! 4-Week Pet Business Success Program

Upcoming Monthly Webinars:

Tuesday, May 24, 2022: 4:00pm Pacific / 7:00pm Eastern
How to Use Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click Ads in Your Pet Business to Gain More Clients and Boost Sales Webinar

Tuesday, June 21, 2022: 4:00pm Pacific / 7:00pm Eastern
Facebook Marketing for Your Pet Business

CATAPULT! 4-Week Pet Business Success Program Bootcamp

CATAPULT! 4-Week Pet Business Success Program

Date: Anytime (24/7) Access

How does class take place? Webinar with an interactive, private Facebook group specifically for Catapult Program attendees. You can watch, listen and learn from the comfort of your home or office – all you need is a computer or smart phone!

How much time do I have to watch the classes? All of the classes are available for unlimited, lifetime access.

How long is each class? 90-120 minutes

How much: $197 $97

Class description: Are you running your pet sitting, dog walking or dog training business… or do you feel like it is running you? Do you spend too much time bogged down in the routine tasks of your pet business… and not enough time actually enjoying what you do? Do you feel like you deserve to have more ideal clients and make more money (hint: you do deserve it!)… but you’re struggling to figure out exactly what’s keeping your business from growing with ease?

Running and growing a business feels difficult for many people in the pet industry… and when you’re feeling the pressures of trying to attract clients and make your business profitable — it can affect your personal life too!

In this 4-week interactive course, you’ll discover powerful ways to simplify your pet business, grow your client base, and develop the lifestyle you envisioned when you started your pet business.

Plus… you’ll get to share your journey with other pet business owners from around the world… immersing yourself in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to see you succeed!

This is a virtual program that you can attend on your computer or smart phone and it’s designed so YOU CAN PARTICIPATE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. And you can even attend from your pet sitting, pet grooming, dog training or dog day care office.

When you order the Catapult Program now, you’ll receive all-pass access to the entire program.

You’ll also receive: access to an exclusive, private Catapult Facebook group where you’ll interact with other pet professionals who are there to support each other, a printable course guidebook with quick-reference notes from every class to assist you in continuing to hone your new pet business skills, and unlimited access to the class recordings so you can build on your success for a lifetime!

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How to Use Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click Ads in Your Pet Business to Gain More Clients and Boost Sales Webinar

When? Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Time: 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST

How long is this webinar? 75-90 minutes (there will be time for Q & A from the audience)

How much: 
$20 (register by May 21) 
$30 (register May 22 or later)

How will I attend? Via Zoom. You can join the webinar from your phone OR computer. You’ll experience an interactive PowerPoint visual presentation via your computer. Google Ads expert Josh Martin will answer your questions live during the Q & A portion at the end of the webinar.

I can’t make it on the day that it’s currently scheduled. Will you be offering this webinar on another night? We aren’t currently offering this webinar again on this year’s schedule of classes. Don’t worry if you can’t attend the live webinar because you’ll automatically receive the webinar recording the day after the live webinar. 

Class description: Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for pet business owners to fast-track their online marketing, to experience success with online advertising. By measuring, securing, and applying data-driven methods you can learn how to market your pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, or pet grooming business quickly, easily, and effortlessly – and in ways that will reap results!

Josh Martin

Josh Martin
Digital Marketing Expert
Boulder SEO Marketing

In this webinar, guest speaker Josh Martin, Digital Marketing Director at Denver Marketing Solutions will outline exactly how to use Google Ads and pay-per-click ads in your pet business to gain more clients. After learning from the information in this webinar you will be able to easily set up your own Google Ads and pay-per-click ad campaign!

Pay-per-click is the most well-known and established form of digital marketing. You are likely familiar with seeing these types of ads at the top of Google.com. Many pet business owners, especially those who live in heavily populated towns and cities, find that to get to the top of the search engines, they absolutely must utilize Google Ads and pay-per-click campaigns.

In addition to pay-per-click advertising, you will learn the fundamentals of Image advertising through a system called, “remarketing”. Remarketing allows you to show image-based ads to well-qualified people. For example, you could use remarketing to choose to only show ads to pet owners near you. These can help you not waste time on less-fruitful marketing and enable you to make your marketing dollars work for you!

Pet service providers are coming out of uncharted waters as clients have changed their buying behaviors in ways the pet industry has never seen before. Even pet business owners who have skillfully marketed online before will gain a lot of value from exploring the proven marketing methods of Google Ads and pay-per-click advertising. To gain new clients, pet service providers must explore new marketing methods, and Google Ads and pay-per-click ads can help you turn potential clients into actual clients in new ways.

Limited spots available so reserve your spot TODAY!

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Facebook Marketing For Pet Business Owners (Made Easy)

Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Time: 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST

Not available on the webinar date? No problem! All who sign up will receive the webinar recording in addition to access to the live webinar. You’ll have 90 days to watch the recording as many times as you like.

How does class take place? Via webinar. You can access the class via your telephone OR your computer. You’ll experience an interactive PowerPoint visual presentation and live video of Julie showing you the back end of Facebook via your computer. You’ll learn a lot and have a great time with pet business owners from all over the world who will be attending the webinar. (There will be attendees from Canada, United States, Australia, UK, and many other parts of the world.) You will love it!

How long is this webinar? 75-90 minutes

How much: 
$20 (register by June 18)
$30 (register June 19 or later)

Class description: Facebook ads are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to gain new clients online quickly and easily for your pet business!

When you use Facebook ads correctly, you can effortlessly get local clients in your city and neighborhood (even if they have never heard of you before)!

In fact, every day you could have a steady flow of leads…from your PERFECT CLIENTS!

The truth is, your clients are already on Facebook, and they WANT you to find them.  You have a very valuable service they need!

When done right, Facebook ads can help you gain a huge return on investment—with a large amount of exposure for your pet business with ads viewed by your IDEAL LOCAL CUSTOMERS who are READY TO BUY YOUR SERVICES RIGHT NOW!

Julie Ostrand from Woohoo Agency is leading this empowering webinar. Teaching business owners how to use Facebook Ads is her Superpower! With over 15 years in the marketing industry (and a background in web development, graphic design and copywriting) she runs an advertising agency that is laser-focused specifically on Facebook Ads.

Her intimate knowledge of how Facebook actually works, will make your local service business wildly successful, by funneling a large volume of qualified “ideal customer” leads to your business every single day. 

You will walk away from this webinar feeling confident and empowered to start marketing your business on Facebook now!

Need more information? Click to find out more and sign up now for the Facebook Marketing for Pet Business Owners webinar.