Testimonials For Pet Business Coaching

“I called Kristin for some coaching sessions and she gave me practical advice that was relevant to my situation, easy to implement, and most of all made sense! She spent time asking me important questions and listening to what I had to say then she helped me put together a plan of action and set an income goal for my next month.

After putting into practice just a few of her ideas, I am happy to report that I not only made my goal for the next month, I SHATTERED it! I went from earning just over $1,000 a month before I started coaching sessions with Kristin to booking over $3,600 a month shortly after our coaching sessions. That investment of coaching with Kristin netted over 40 times that in increased earnings! Where else can you get a return like that? I’m so excited to put the rest of her ideas into motion and I am certain I will need hire an assistant very soon to help with all my increased business! Thanks Kristin! I really appreciate your help.”
Rita Reimers
CATS 90210
Los Angeles, California

“Kristin, thank you so much for the super informative and helpful consultation! It was a dream come true to find out about your specialized business coaching service! I look forward to working with you more and will be in touch very soon.”
Joanne Papini
Fairy Dog Mother Inn – Boarding and Daycare
Concord, California

“Thank you so much for sending the webinar link so I can hear the webinar one more time. I really appreciate it. I love these webinars!!! They are so useful and full of nuggets. Truthfully I can’t get enough. I recently discovered that I am charging more than the person who trained me. Now that is a true testament to success. I’m sure these webinars have something to do with giving me the confidence to go forward.”
Rebecca Goldstone
Owner, Willow Glen Paws Pet Care
San Jose, California

“It’s been a wildly successful year after working with Kristin Morrison! I hired Kristin from the Six-Figure Pet Business Academy to consult me on expanding my business, Claws N Paws Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, after 5 years of being a one-woman show. Within 3 weeks of working with Kristin I brought on 3 walkers/sitters. In the first year after working with Kristin I tripled my total gross billing! I currently have 12 sitters/walkers and I am ready to bring on more. Kristin got me over my fear of expanding in no time and I couldn’t have it done it in such a successful manner without her.”
Jennifer Shafton
Rufus and Delilah Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Sherman Oaks, California

“Kristin, you helped me on an SEO coaching session a few months ago. I wanted to let you know that my search engine results on Google got much better for my business website after that SEO coaching session with you.
I’m now listed 4th on the search rankings on page one, right below DogVacay and Yelp for dog walking and my town!”

Kyle Morse
Simply Yours Concierge
South Brunswick, New Jersey

“Kristin coached me in my pet sitting business this last year. She asked me how much I wanted to make and I told her $50,000 for this year. She told me to aim higher and so I said, “$60,000″. She said that was a good number to start with. I am happy to say that the year isn’t even over and I’m now at over $65,000! I will shoot for $100,000 as my income goal for this coming year. Why not? Kristin gave me the advice and support I needed to take the plunge and hire pet sitters for my business. Best of all I work a lot less than I did the year before! I only care for 3 clients myself now because I have 16 pet sitters on staff and an assistant to help me manage my business! I did it all thanks to Kristin’s coaching! Thank you for the help you gave me, Kristin. You are good at what you do!”
Miriam C Lindley / President
Wags and Wiggles
South Tampa, Florida

“I’ve used Kristin and her business coaching for pet sitters and I’ve purchased her Six-Figure Pet Business eBook as well as had her do private SEO consulting for my website. All have been excellent and have seriously helped me.”
Kyle Morse
Simply Yours Concierge
South Brunswick, New Jersey

“When I first called Kristin I was doing all of the work myself and I was exhausted. I now have 10 people on staff! Kristin helped me create more prosperity in my business! Kristin has incredible insight and a personable professionalism that has helped coach me and my business along! Her advice, feedback, expertise, and listening ear were invaluable to me. She gave me a lot of confidence to strive out and “beat my own drum” in order to create more prosperity and balance within my business. Kristin’s direction, guidance, support, and professional embrace of my business helped me achieve my goals. I feel so much better each time after talking with her. It’s great just to know Kristin is out there!”
Brandon Burton
Big Sky Dogs
Pasadena, California

“Working with Kristin has been amazing. The clarity and insight she offers has drastically improved my business, job satisfaction and my personal life. Like many business owners, I was lacking balance and since working with Kristin, my work/life balance has been restored. Coaching sessions with Kristin have improved the pet sitting, dog walking and dog training aspects of my business. It was important for me to work with a coach who could improve my business as a whole as well as understand, respect and acknowledge my need for personal and family time. This is what sets Kristin apart from the rest! The resources she offers in addition to her coaching sessions are a roadmap to success. Thank you Kristin!”
Kim Sauer, CPDT
Sit n’ Stay Pet Services, Inc.
Buffalo, NY

“Some of the best things I achieved from Catapult Six-Figure Pet Business Program were based on the homework that Kristin gave us. Writing down goals for all aspects of my business as well as personal life that have been ruminating in my head for years was very important. I have now been able to set objectives to achieve these goals. Thank you so much, Kristin!”
Janda Ferris
Leash and Biscuit
Sierra Madra, California 

“Kristin, thank you very much for the How to Make Your Website Sticky webinar. I learned many helpful action steps. I can’t wait to put them into practice to increase the chance that visitors who come to my website will become clients.”
Josh Perlin
JP’s Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
Stoughton, Massachusetts

“I purchased a few different pet sitting forms and pet sitting contracts and have also taken part in several of the teleclasses for pet business owners. Through Kristin’s business coaching and the purchasing of her business products for pet sitters she has helped me a great deal with improving my pet sitting business! Kristin, I think it’s great that you are able to help so many pet sitters out there.”
Karilon Kilpatrick
Loving Hands Pets
Keystone Heights, Florida

“We participated in the teleclass that Kristin recently offered on How to Hire Great Pet Sitters. We are going through another growth phase in our business and the information provided in Kristin’s Pet Sitting Business Teleclasses was the perfect motivator we needed to help us move beyond our fears in the hiring process. Thanks Kristin!”
Suzanne Loosbrock
Judy Bryant
Toni Sits Pets, Ltd.
Columbus, Ohio

“Being coached by Kristin has been the best decision I’ve made in business and in my life! I learned more about successful pet sitting than I ever could have imagined and have gained a lot of confidence and professionalism through the coaching sessions with her. Every successful business needs a mentor and I have found the best. I suggest you give her a try. She’s the best coach and you’ll get the very best results in your business.”
Chris Barlow
Aussie Pet Sitter
South Tampa, Florida

“If it wasn’t for Kristin’s guidance as my business coach last year my business would not be where it is today! Thanks to Kristin’s coaching, I exceeded the financial goal that I set last year (which I thought was really pushing it and impossible!) I am now ready to take the next step in my business by hiring pet sitters and dog walkers. I also purchased the Application Packet and Welcome Packet for the New Staff Member to help me through this process. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Kristin!”
Barbie Klapp, MBA, Owner
2 Paws Up, Inc.
Snellville, Georgia

“I had so many questions when I first started my pet sitting business. I wanted to get some advice right away so I called Kristin (The Business Coach for Pet Business Owners). She was thorough and professional. She gave me direct answers to all my questions and a lot of additional helpful advice about the pet sitting business that I didn’t even know I’d need. Even if you’ve owned your pet sitting business for awhile I would recommend that you consult with Kristin. As my business has grown I can see that my coaching calls with Kristin have been one of the best business moves I’ve made thus far!”
Sakina Blair
Leashes and Treats
Deerfield Beach, Florida

“Kristin’s expertise has been invaluable and her positive and kind nature has made it a pleasure to work with her. I can see why she has been successful all of these years in her own pet sitting company. She has recommended ways to enhance and grow our business in directions that I would never have considered.”
Lisa Ronan
Happy Go Lucky Pet Care
Walnut Creek, California

“The Hiring Teleclass and Kristin’s unique approach to hiring has given me the complete confidence and clarity I needed to accomplish the goal of hiring the extra help I have so desperately needed! She didn’t dance around any of the questions that were presented to her by other pet business owners-she had a straightforward answer for every question that was asked of her. As a pet sitter and as a business owner, I have found Kristin’s coaching to be inspiring. Thank you for the information that you gave me that I could not find anywhere else! Because of your coaching and the Hiring Teleclass, Moms4paws.com will become all I dreamed it could be. I’m so grateful that I found you, Kristin.”
Jackie See
High Point, North Carolina

“I’d owned my pet sitting business for nearly 3 years when I hit a crossroad…it was time to expand, but how? I had a lot of anxiety about bringing on new staff members. I didn’t know how to go about hiring or how to find the right people to help me in my pet sitting business. I found Kristin by accident on the Internet and it was the best thing that has happened to me since starting my business! She gave me the tools I needed to not only hire the right kind of people but also to boost my confidence and give me the support that I needed to take my business to the next level. After only three weeks after my coaching sessions with Kristin, I hired 5 great staff members and, thanks to Kristin, see a great future for my business.”
Carolyn Namba
Silicon Valley Pet Nanny
San Jose, California

“I don’t remember how I got on your mailing list, but I was very ambivalent about it. Six figures – no way – impossible. Several times I thought about having my name deleted from your list. I was definitely on the fence. Maybe my intuition was telling me to give it a try. I am so, so glad I did.

The Burnout webinar was a lifesaver for me. I had been feeling exhausted and trapped for a while. I had felt hopeless, like I was in an endless cycle of ever more dogs in my care. I provide daycare and boarding in my home, doing 95% of the work on my own, and not earning sufficient money to do more than get by. Now I feel hopeful, am enjoying the dogs again and not feeling impatient with them. I was so ready for change. Right now, I am enjoying listening to them snore after a busy day!

I am pleased with what I have implemented since Tuesday, things that I had wanted to do and mulled over for a very long time, but hadn’t had the courage to do. I have had three potential new clients inquire about dog care in the past few days. One has already become an actual client. I’m not sure about the other two dogs, one of whom has separation anxiety, and the other one dementia, but I will meet both of them next week. I have lots of experience with both conditions, so we will see. I have already told both of them that the fee will be higher than my basic fee! Yay!”
Julie Patrusky
Auntie Julie’s Dog Care
Albany, California

“Working with Kristin has been absolutely revelatory! Not only do I know myself better, but I know exactly who I want to be and I am developing the tools to become that (pretty cool) person. I am able to move purposefully through each day, with an ease of mind I’ve never had, nor ever expected. I can confidently defuse obstacles I previously found daunting and I am managing my flourishing business more strategically and sustainably with greater independence. Eureka! What it is to have a life again!

Achieving my interim goals has given me the courage and self-trust to seek what I have always wanted, but wasn’t sure I deserved or believed truly possible. My friends and family have all noted a profound change. They find me simultaneously more grounded, but lighter at heart and in spirit. And although this transformation appears miraculous to them, it is the result of daily progress and maintenance—largely a much-needed shoring up of my thoughts and reactions that keep moving toward balance and joy.

Unequivocally, Kristin has been my catalyst. I am continually in awe of her wisdom and warm heart. I came to her guarded, but her extraordinary empathy and her earnest desire to help me live a better life melted all my defensiveness. Where I feared I might find a critic or judge I found an amazingly caring ally. During our sessions I feel heard, and I know I am thoroughly understood; after our sessions I positively buzz with the energy and excitement of creating what already is and will continue to be an awesome life.

Thank you so, so, so much, Kristin! I will remain forever grateful.”
Lauren Marks
Wayne, Pennsylvania

“When I decided to start my own pet sitting company, I was excited about my new venture but also scared and a little nervous about it because I didn’t know where to begin. Then I discovered Kristin’s Business Coaching for Pet Business Owners. Signing up for her coaching sessions was the best thing I could have possibly done for my business! I knew that just loving animals wouldn’t be enough to run a successful business. 

Her sessions outlined step-by-step every detail that I needed to get started. After my coaching sessions with Kristin, I felt very confident that I was ready to operate my business like a true professional and I had everything I needed in place to begin. 

I’d been waiting for weeks for the phone to ring and after just one session with Kristin (which centered around how to quickly get pet sitting clients) PetNanny-911 had its very first pet sitting job! 

My business continues to grow and I frequently have had customers tell me how impressed they are with my paperwork and how professional I am. I definitely owe this to the coaching sessions with Kristin and the Business Start Up Kit for Pet Sitters (which I purchased from her website) I would strongly recommend her coaching services and her business tools to anyone thinking about starting a pet sitting business.”
Patty Toney, Owner
Clarksville, Tennessee

“When I first contacted Kristin for some guidance surrounding business taxes, I had no idea what that decision would come to mean for me and my business. I was impressed immediately with her professionalism and integrity. A kind and insightful woman; with a strong and successful pet sitting business, Kristin genuinely wants to help others succeed in this important but often undervalued business of pet care. 

In the period of time I have worked with her, she has been an invaluable mentor for my pet care business. She has helped me understand under no uncertain terms that I can thrive and be completely successful doing what I love. Kristin has a knack for helping me let go of my resistant beliefs that I tend to cling to out of fear of moving forward. Thank you Kristin for having the moxie to do what you love!”
Annarita Walsh
Wag More Pet Care
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Kristin has so much knowledge and confidence about the pet businesses, how to be successful, and her obvious love for business. It shows when she talks. Through her business coaching, I gained confidence to get to where I wanted to go in my business and I was able to raise my prices with my clients. After we spoke I was able to go to brand new clients and -for the first time ever- tell them what I charge without feeling fear. I made a lot more money last year by consulting with Kristin! I appreciate that Kristin wants me to be as successful as she is. I found her easy to talk to and she gives so much information to me each and every time we have a coaching session.”
Sandra’s Pet Sitting and Housesitting Service
Bay Point, California

“Hi Kristin, I just wanted to let you know I was able to listen to the webinar replay last evening. I have been receiving emails from you for about a year now. I read all of them but have never attended one of your webinars before. I find them interesting but didn’t quite know how they might benefit me since my business is a little different in that I teach pet CPR classes. I set up at quite a few vendor events and sell first aid kits, blingy dog paw jewelry, etc. I would love to start a doggy daycare business though. When I got the webinar info on the “How to Create a STICKY Website” webinar I thought for 20 bucks I’ll sign up because I have just in the last week been working on getting mine launched. And since I’m doing the site myself I can use all the help I can get. I can’t believe how much USEFUL, QUALITY information you delivered. Well worth every penny. I went to bed thinking of all the things I can do to improve my website to help make it “sticky” Thank you for the great information.”
Kim Bradley
Paws 4 Safety
Fresno, California

“I have attended your webinars before and found them beneficial even though we are in our 18th year of pet sitting.”
Jay Pattiz
Pampered Pet Sitting
Warrensburg, Missouri

“Even though I’m not a pet business owner, I’m in a similar home-based service business – tutoring. I haven’t found anyone who provides business advice for tutors the way Kristin and Six-Figure Pet Business Academy does for pet business owners, so I signed up for her teleclass: Get Clients NOW! Marketing that Works. 

The hour-long teleconference was full of good advice and even though I was writing as fast as I could I couldn’t get it all down. While I couldn’t use everything Kristin mentioned, the class was still worth the price because there was so much information I will be able to use. I’m looking forward to putting Kristin’s advice into motion.”
Heather Fraser
Pride-Point Tutoring
Medford, Oregon

“I owe so much to you, Kristin. I appreciate all of your help; you have been priceless to my business success!!”
— Kelly Reeves
Paw Love Dog Services, LLC
Virginia Beach, Virginia

“I worked with Kristin for a few months and learned so many helpful techniques to get me started with my pet sitting business. We covered all the basics and more. She helped push me to get my barely-there website up and running by setting timelines and referring me to a great webmaster. She helped me narrow down my logo choices and to pick the most professional-looking one. I purchased some of her pet sitting business forms and contracts for my business (which would have been a real headache to create on my own. Her products really helped save me so much time). All my pet sitting business questions were answered informatively. I highly recommend her coaching for pet business owners.  Even if you are not just starting but have been doing this for a while and are in a rut with your business, she can really help you. But if you ARE just starting out in your pet business, Kristin can be a real asset to you as you begin your business. She knows her stuff!”
Kris Karrick
Waggin’ Trails Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
Beaverton, Oregon

“I was feeling good about my business but wanted to grow and had a lot of questions about how best to grow it so I contacted Kristin about a year and a half into my pet sitting business venture. 

Wow, Kristin was the right person to contact. She is an AMAZING coach! 

She was worth every cent I spent on her coaching service-I realize now she is a bargain considering the priceless information I got from her. 

Kristin quickly assessed where I was in my business and gave me great recommendations on what to do next. I did exactly what she said and my business really benefited from doing the action steps she gave me. 

I still work with her as things come up in my business and I continue to have great results from my work with her. I have one word to describe her coaching service: WOW!”
Lois Kelly
Four Paws Pet Sitting Service
Cary, North Carolina

“I was ready to stop pet sitting when I called Kristin. If I hadn’t seen her advertisement for her business coaching for pet sitters in the Pet Sitters International Magazine I would have! Before I called Kristin my pet sitting business was not growing at all. I was pulling out my hair trying to get clients to call me and use me for pet sitting services. I was doing expensive marketing but nothing was working! 

Within 5 months of my coaching calls with Kristin my business began to grow really fast! I now work 7 days a week, twelve hours a day! I’m now hiring help so I don’t work so much.

Through my coaching sessions with Kristin, I learned many free and low-cost ways to market my pet sitting business (including her search engine optimization coaching for my website so clients would find me on Google). I have gained so much confidence and professionalism through our coaching sessions. Kristin is always there if I need her for business questions. Give her a call–she is worth whatever amount she charges!!”
Penny Vigil
A-Z Critter Care
Palmdale, California

“Thank you for all you do. Your advice and forms have been instrumental in me getting to the point where I can hire and expand. Thank you!!”
Bonnie MacLaren
Follow Your Nose Pet Services LLC
Denver, Colorado

“We had owned our pet sitting business for about 3 years and were working 24/7. We were on the verge of burnout. We came across Kristin’s business coaching ad in a pet business magazine and realized we had nothing to lose by giving her a try since we’d tried everything else. We are SO glad we called her that day! 

Kristin calmed us down and was sympathetic and encouraging. She helped us really understand that we just can’t do it all ourselves-we needed to hire pet sitters to work with us. Kristin helped us through the process of hiring a few pet sitters to work with us and thankfully we are now feeling much less stress. Kristin knows what she is talking about since she has run her own extremely successful pet business for many years now! 

She is easy to talk to and returns calls at warp speed. She has been invaluable in the process of expansion and helping us hire quality people. We just finished a great session with her on Search Engine Optimization and will be checking in with her every month or so for fine tuning and business help. 

We would highly recommend Kristin’s business coaching for anyone looking for great business advice and specific instructions and answers to your business questions. Whether you are just starting your business or have been operating for several years like we have, Kristin is the answer! She is a wealth of pet business knowledge.”
Alexis Elkins and Gina Lalli
Mainline Pet Sitting
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

“The Catapult! Business Success Program opened my mind to growing my business without being afraid. Kristin gave me a direction and ways to start the process. Since the class started, I have gotten more clients, great employees, and the confidence to grow more.”
Kira Barnett
Trailblazers Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
Aurora, Colorado

“Kristin has been a great mentor to me in expanding my pet sitting business! Thanks to her coaching, I’m now doing so well with everything in my business. I will be calling Kristin for business coaching when I come up against challenges in my business or have more questions and when I need her to help keep me on track. Thank you for all of your help, Kristin.”
Colin Horton
The Animal Nanny
Grand Junction, Colorado

“I just wanted to say how wonderful you are and what a blessing you are to so many people. I took recent webinar of yours and I had told you on the webinar that I didn’t have many clients and you gave some good advice. It’s like you spoke heavenly words over my business because I have new clients calling everyday. So my business has at least doubled and I’m meeting new clients almost everyday. It’s wonderful! Thank you for your advice!”
Rachel Garrido
Pawsabilities Pet Sitting, LLC
Bentonville, Arkansas

“When I started my business, I called Kristin, The Business Coach for Pet Business Owners so she could help me get it up and running. I have learned so much from her during our coaching sessions. It was such a blessing to speak with her. I would highly recommend Kristin as a business coach to others out there who are starting out with their pet businesses. She is worth what she charges!”
Brenda Janner
Beg ‘n’ Bark
Princeton, New Jersey

“I found you last year mid-way through the Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference, and my business and I have reaped so much benefit from your knowledge and advice through your webinars and website. Thanks to your advice, I took my first real vacation in 7 years and my son and I went to the Grand Canyon in June.  I just scheduled it and went for it.  My business was waiting for me when I returned. ;)”
Sandra Lassman
SnR Pet Care
Seattle, Washington

Pet Business Coaching Sessions:

I work quickly and efficiently. We’ll cover a lot of ground in your coaching session. Bring your questions and/or business challenges. You’ll leave your session feeling lighter and freer and experience clarity, peace and empowerment. Prepare to be amazed!

25-Minute Pet Business Coaching Session: $115

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50-Minute Pet Business Coaching Session: $195

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Monthly Coaching Package: $595**

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**Please note: Monthly Coaching Package includes two 50-Minute Sessions and two 25-Minute Sessions. All four sessions must be used within 30 days.

Kristin offers full day coaching for individuals and teams in Hawaii or California. Click to find out more about the VIP Coaching Day Program.

“I enjoy your information & have attended many webinars. I have done very well because of you!”
Tina Brill
Kitty Kompanion
Murphy, North Carolina

“Kristin, thank you so much for the coaching session. It was an honor and pleasure to talk to you. I really appreciate your positive feedback about my website and everything- it means SO much coming from you. I feel empowered! You are so knowledgeable and I’m excited to put your wisdom and brilliant ideas in practice! I will defiantly set up a another session to touch base because with starting the new venture, things will come up. It’s a wonderful thing what you’re doing for pet business owners.”
Jen Del
Pet Care Furever Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
Aurora, Colorado

“Kristin is wonderful. She is thoroughly knowledgeable of a wide variety of subjects related to running your own pet business. She is very patient and willing to walk you through any areas in which you are having problems. Her advice is spot on. She really helped me clean up my business and really take control of it. I feel like I’m running my business now, instead of it running me.”
Matt Comeaux
Matt’s Mutts
San Francisco, California

“I called Kristin when I had just started my pet sitting business. I needed some encouragement and advice plus specific information that I felt was very important. She was very knowledgeable and experienced. Kristin was very professional, yet personal. I was hesitant to call someone that I didn’t know for business advice but I was very happy that I did. She has a calm way of speaking and calling her helped me so much! She answered all of my questions thoroughly and made me feel confident that I could do this for myself and enjoy it. I would recommend Kristin to everyone who is starting their pet business.”
Bunny Burrows
Bunny’s Pet Care
Conrad, Montana

“I found Kristin Morrison online when I was doing research to start my new pet sitting business. I didn’t know how to take the next step forward in starting my pet sitting business and so I called Kristin who is a business coach for pet business owners. Since starting my pet sitting business, I’ve had quite a few coaching sessions with her and I’ve also participated in her webinars for pet business owners. Her advice has given me the confidence and tools that I needed to hire pet sitters to work for me and to achieve the goals I have for myself and in my business. She is a wealth of information and delivers her coaching in a kind and caring way while at the same time getting down to the nuts and bolts of how to build a successful business. I highly recommend her business coaching to any pet business owner who needs help in their business!”
Chris Wagner
Waggy’s Pet Sitting Service
Folsom, California

“I really enjoyed the Catapult! Six-Figure  Success Group and learned a lot. Through the homework, networking with other pet sitters and innovative ideas, I have had great results! I have seen an increase in clients- 6 new clients this week alone. It is amazing to me!”
Sarah Johnson
Pampered Pet Care of Atlanta, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

“Coaching with Kristin has helped me to grow my pet sitting business and improve my operation at the same time by leaps and bounds. She believes in me, supports me, and fuels my passion to grow. She helped me obtain clarity on what I wanted in terms of short and long term goals, and gave me concise direction as to how to implement the strategies we discussed. 

Kristin is the real-deal and top notch! If you are a pet sitter that is looking to expand and hire or discuss networking ideas, Kristin can absolutely assist you. She is results driven and offers excellent advice. Adding Kristin to my “team” has been one of the best decisions I made for the success of my business. Her insights are truly of value to me and I couldn’t thank her enough! “
Tanya Grant, Owner
TOP Tails Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Roxborough, Pennsylvania

“Kristin has provided more concrete, step-by-step help than anyone else I’ve spoken with since I started pet sitting.”
Melissa Freer
Mel’s Pet Pals
St. Paul, Minnesota

“Last summer when I used your coaching sessions they were very helpful and motivating. Working with you helped me feel more confident about my business and the decisions I was making.”
Nancy Manputy, Owner
Doggone Purr-fect Pet Sitting
Greenwood, Indiana

“After taking one of Kristin’s webinars and implementing the suggestions she made, I had an immediate response and gained new clients within a week after the webinar. Since I had success with just implementing a few suggestions, I decided to have Kristin check my website for search engine optimization. I was not showing up on any search engines! With Kristin’s SEO advice, I had my website completely redone with keywords and I am now reaping the benefits. My phone is ringing and new clients are popping up every day. Thanks, Kristin. You are the best!!”
Kathleen O’Brien
The Irish Sitter Petsitter
Cary, Illinois

“I really enjoyed the call last night. They are always inspiring and help me redirect my focus and forge ahead with changes.”
Nadene Jusczak
Step In Pet Care
Parker, Colorado

“I have taken a few of the Six-Figure Pet Business Academy telecourses and they have been very helpful. Kristin’s approach is very reasonable and very realistic. It is doable! Kristin inspires confidence and I have felt empowered by her no-non-sense, practical approach. I feel overwhelmed by running and developing a small business and I appreciate the calm and levity that Kristin brings to my perspective. 

I just purchased Kristin’s eBook “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” online and I always, always look forward to her monthly newsletters because I always learn something that is helpful for me. Thanks Kristin.”
Susan Howell
Owner, Treats Pet Care Service, LLC
Alexandria, Virginia

“I can’t explain how invaluable Kristin’s knowledge has been to my new business. She has a very level head about where your priorities need to be to make your business successful and your life easier. I related to her because it is clear that she is an animal lover, but also a successful business woman. She explained specific step by step actions I should take that I never knew existed. I can’t wait to see how her tips help me promote and grow my new business. I’d take advice from her any day of the week. I don’t think I could be in better hands.”
Cindra Smith
Point West Pet Sitting, LLC
Little Rock, Arkansas

“Kristin is an exceptional coach who is supportive, and very knowledgeable about all aspects of owning a successful pet care business. She’s also an expert problem solver who always gives me very practical solutions to any challenges that may arise in running my agency. I recently called Kristin for help with hiring additional staff, and she laid out a brilliant plan for employing the best pet sitters. She also provides coaching clients with wonderful interview materials to simplify this process. Whenever I book a coaching call with Kristin, I know I am making a wise investment in my future. Thanks, Kristin!”
Wendy Charles
Wendy’s Pet Care
New York, NY

“Kristin has been truly instrumental in transforming my professional and personal life. In a relatively short period of time, my business has grown significantly and my quality of life has improved. Kristin has gently guided me to get out of my comfort zone and go for goals that I would not have believed could be attainable. As a result, my business profit has doubled over the past year. I have also incorporated some of the strategies that Kristin uses for creating balance between the work life and the personal life. I would recommend her to anyone who is starting a new business or who just wants to greatly improve his or her life. She is very centered, focused, and specific in her goal-setting skills, which produces results! Kristin is an inspiration to me.”
Pamela Batson
Pam’s Pet Sitters
Charlotte, North Carolina

“We recently completed our first holiday pet sitting season with newly hired staff members. We have been organically growing since we started our business a couple of years ago and had gotten to the point where we could no longer handle it on our own. I had a lot of fear surrounding hiring people. So, I turned to the amazing and peaceful Kristin Morrison. She “held my hand” via phone sessions to help me take all the needed steps to hire great people. The progress made in just one week was amazing. After my four sessions I felt like a different person aligned with a set of tools and different vision for our business. From the bottom of my heart I truly recommend Kristin to all pet sitting business owners that need to get past an obstacle to the next level of success.”
Ann Simkins
Small World Pet Sitters
Brooklyn, New York

“As my pet waste disposal business has evolved and increased in clients, things are busier and busier. I found myself working in my pooper scooper business day in and day out with no end in sight. I remembering that Kristin was a business coach and it was time I give her a call.

What I was looking for and what I found has been empowering. Not only was Kristin able to help me see what it was that was keeping my from succeeding, she is helping me get there. She did this by listening to what was conflicting me, addressing it and helping me understand what I can do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep me focused on my goals. She’s not going to do the work for you, but she’ll show you where to go, how to do it and support your new paradigm.

Having a coach is something I need to help me break through my barriers, to remind me of what I’m doing here and to stay focused. Each day I work with energy, creativity and enthusiasm as I’m no longer chained to my business. Kristin knows what you’re going through, how you feel, and how to empower yourself as she’s been there as well.

I can honestly say I’ve never been so excited about my business. I’m also terrified. The changes I’m making are HUGE, I don’t know if I could have found a new way of running my business without the help of Kristin. She gets it.”
Mike Osterman
Scoops of Marin
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) webinar was great. I was in technology for over 25 years before I left it for my dog business eight years ago. I know enough to know that a ton of things have changed and evolved over the last eight years. Your explanation was very clear and you tied everything together quite nicely.”
Bruce Edwards
Bark Busters Home Dog Training
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“We are in the process of hiring an office assistant/scheduler for the first time so the “How to Hire and Train the Right Pet Sitting Office Manager” webinar was well timed! Thanks, as always, for all your expert advice 🙂

On another note, I would like to let you know about the success of a tip we learned from you during a previous webinar (How to Hire the Perfect Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers). You suggested adding verbiage about tipping sitters in the policy notes at the bottom of reservation confirmations. That addition has easily quadrupled the amount of tips our sitters are receiving. Thank you!!! :)”
Anne Lesemann
Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow — Roseville
Roseville, California

“I enjoyed listening to your hiring pet sitters webinar last night and it is worth the money and time spent. I haven’t hired yet, but it is time, and you brought up a number of things that I hadn’t considered or fully thought through.”
Joe Hill
Best Pals Pet Care
Greensburg, PA

“Thank you so much, Kristin! Your hiring webinar gave me the boost I needed to go ahead with these hiring actions. I should have attended it sooner as I wasted some money and lots of time.”
Jennifer Taylor
Jen Loves Pets Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
San Diego, CA

“Just wanted to let you know I have read your book Six-Figure Pet Sitting and have done a few of your webinars. I don’t think my pet sitting business would be where it is without you.”
Shannon Emmons
Top Dog Pet Sitting And Dog Walking Service
Fort Worth, Texas

“Kristin, thank you for doing this webinar. I have taken your seminars and purchased your products. Everything you do exceeds my expectations!”
Pat Wrisley
Muttely Crew Pet Sitters
Austin, Texas

“I love your webinars and products. You’re awesome! I rely on your webinars and products to help me run my business and balance my life!”
Melissa Marte
Who’s Your Doggie, LLC
Milford, Connecticut

“I watched your webinar on ‘How to Prepare your Pet Business for Sale’ last night and found the information you gave to be very informative and easy to follow.
I started my pet sitting business 3 years ago and have no intention of selling in the near future but have always wondered about the process of selling and how to prepare for this.
I would just like to thank you for giving me a clear understanding of what this involves and how to start preparing for this now.”

Sue Miller
Home and Happy Pet Services
Townsville, Australia

“Kristin is the best! She really helped me see areas of my business that were lacking and helped me come up with solutions to fix them. Her methods work great. It has been a year since our coaching sessions and I have met and surpassed all of the goals I set. My business is more profitable, running more smoothly, and we are getting new clients daily. Thanks, Kristin!”
Tiffany Reynolds
Pet and Home Care
Los Angeles, California

“Hi Kristin, I just wanted to share a wonderful update with you…Our sales from January through May have increased 53% since the previous year. Better then that, our business net profit has increased by 86%! AND even better then that!…we have the most wonderful clients and the best sitters that we have EVER had.
Many things and hard work have come together over the past year and I wanted to thank you so much for your guidance and knowledge, as you were a huge ingredient in turning my “successful” business into a viable and PROFITABLE one. Thank you so much!”
Sarah Finkner-Roller
Prestige Pet Sitting Service
Christiansburg, Virginia

“My pet sitting business guru is Kristin Morrison. I HIGHLY recommend all of her books and pet business products. Following her guidance changed my business and my life. Her book, “Six Figure Pet Sitting” has been my bible and has a whole chapter on how to hire staff. I’ve followed all her instructions and have had exponential success with hiring reliable, smart, attentive, and amazing staff members, several of whom have stayed working for my CPC for almost two and a half years and counting. I also recommend her “Business Hiring Kit: For Hiring Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Staff”. The price is well worth the guidance. If anything, just start off by buying her “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” book. It’s a pet sitting business owner’s GOLD.”

Corey Barnes
Colorado Pet Companion
Louisville, Colorado

“I started a dog walking and pet sitting business in 2019. During that time I was doing a lot of reading and learning about the pet industry. In my research, I learned about Kristin Morrison through her Prosperous Pet Business Podcast. I immediately connected with what Kristin had to say in her podcast episodes. I then looked up her website and learned about the 30-Day Pet Business Challenge. I signed up right away and was excited to start the challenge.

I recently completed the challenge and I have learned SO MUCH! Kristin is a wealth of information in creating a successful, thriving pet business. Every single day of the 30-day challenge I learned something new… something more to add to my tool belt of knowledge for running a pet business.

Kristin also created a Facebook group for all the people doing the challenge and she did periodic live Facebook talks with us! I have met so many people and gained a great deal of knowledge from the Facebook group and felt like I really got to know Kristin through her responses and Facebook live sessions.

I greatly recommend the 30-Day Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Challenge for anyone interested, starting,  or already in the pet service industry! Thank you, Kristin!”

Toby Lewis
Tale of Tails Pet Services
Keller, Texas

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